Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday was garage sale day! I ran home around noon to grab some leftovers for my Mom and I to eat for lunch. I also grabbed a Kombucha – this one is my favorite (ginger)! So refreshing. I can’t drink a ton of it because the carbonation bothers my stomach, but I love these things! 
Putting on a garage sale isn’t so bad when it’s gorgeous out! I managed to get a little bit of work done, too. And we sold TONS of stuff. 
I love my parents’ coffee bar in their pantry. 
Friday evening we met Jake’s parents for dinner at Brew Co. I had the cod sliders sans buns and Jake had the fish tacos. Mmmm. These were both incredible. 
While my Mom and I were going through the storage unit to get ready for the garage sale, we came across some VERY flattering pictures of me when I was little. I woke up on Saturday to find them on our fridge. Thanks, Jake! Eye-roll. Jake had a 50+ mile ride Saturday and I headed back to my parents’ to help with the garage sale.
I made fun of my Mom for wearing a fanny pack all day Friday, but when I showed up Saturday, she had CONVENIENTLY over slept, so guess who had to man the sale for a little bit? While sporting a fanny pack? Karma. But, she fed me a super yummy breakfast, so I’ll forgive her! ; )
Then it was off to shower one of my favorites! Michelle is getting married in July and I am SO happy for her. She and Ryan are the best. I found this romper in my closet when I was going through stuff – it’s SO comfy. Also, how adorable does Michelle look?! She’s the cutest. 
We had a blast eating DELICIOUS food and playing games – can’t wait to stand by her side on the big day!
After the shower, Jake and I ran errands, then met some friends at Galloway for dinner before going to Creekside to listen to Izabel Crane (they used to be Bella Donna). The weather was perfect!
We always love spending time with these two!! 
How awesome is this?! It was perfect. 
Then it was up early to get some miles in on some trail at Two Rivers. I got to break in my new Nathan pack – I’m obsessed. It’s so awesome. So lightweight and easy to use. Best purchase I have made in awhile!
Two Rivers is so pretty. We had a really good run, Jake was way ahead of me for most of it…he’s so dang fast on trail. 
After our run, we met Dan and McCall for breakfast, then headed to the lake for the day! We met up with Plank and Kindal for a little bit, too! 
We all got a little too much sun, but it was the PERFECT lake day. On our way home, Dan, McCall, Jake, and I chowed down on some Chinese. Yum. 
We leave Thursday for Colorado, so our training schedules are a little different this week than they normally are. We met Jake’s Dad for some hill repeats this morning…I almost died. I am planning on going to yoga every day before we leave. The class I’m teaching at MSU starts tomorrow, so I will work on getting everything ready for that all day today. I’m getting so excited about our trip! And nervous. Very, very nervous. Running in the mountains is a little scary…and it’s new to me! 
I’m sad the weekend is over, but I hope everyone has a wonderful start to a new week! Happy Monday!

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