Yummy, quick dinner + to-do lists + last run in MO!

I definitely ended up taking a nap yesterday. Whoops. Naps either make me feel much better…or way worse. I think it depends on how long I end up sleeping. I think I slept for a little over an hour, so it took me awhile to fall asleep last night. I’m the worst sleeper ever. Jake can literally sleep anywhere, I’m so jealous. Oh well! I got up from my nap to start dinner and Jake went for a quick run. He got home just as I was finishing up! We had salmon, veggies, and quinoa. I posted the recipes below this picture – here’s the salmon. It was SUPER good.

Click HERE for salmon recipe.
Click HERE for veggies recipe.
Here’s everything! I added a cajun seasoning to the veggies, but other than that, I followed the recipe – which isn’t typical for me (that drives Jake crazy)! I added about 1/4 C of beef broth and some cayenne pepper to the quinoa as it was cooking – I think it turned out super yummy.

This is one of my all time favorite necklaces!! Dawn, my birth-mom, gave it to me for my 26th birthday. I wear it almost every day! Thank you, Dawn!! : )

I saw these nails the other day on Instagram…I think I need them! Maybe Jake does, too…all the Sriracha all the time! <3

I mentioned this the other day….the bad thing about making a to-do list before you have done any of the things is that you don’t get to write it down and then immediately cross it off. Lots to get done before we leave Thursday afternoon! We got most of our clothing and bedding stuff packed last night, so that felt good. Maybe I can write that down and cross it off… ; )

Some of our stuff that’s all ready to go! I’m going to go ahead and add this to my to-do list…
I had trouble sleeping since I napped so late yesterday. I 100% was not feeling a run this morning. Sometimes I feel like my slow runs are harder than the faster ones. Anyone else feel this way? I hate it! I know we are tapering, but this morning was a little rough.

Same breakfast again! I’ve been craving pancakes…maybe I’ll make us some tomorrow since we won’t be running and should have more time.

I go through spurts where I like milk in my coffee. I usually drink it black, but sometimes it’s nice to add a little something to it. I found this stuff awhile ago and loved it, but I hadn’t tried the vanilla until this week. WOW. It’s delicious! Try it out! I think I got this at Mama Jean’s.

I’m just working on my to-do list today! I have a lot I want to get finished for the class I’m teaching before we leave. I think we have a couple of errands to run tonight and then we should be good to go!
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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  1. Dawn Drury

    I am so happy you love your necklace, I remember seeing that in Montana jewelry store and just had to get it for you! I loved it so much I bought myself one too so we both had one! I love you

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