First full day back home & some awful stomach issues…

I got out and did an easy 3 mile run yesterday. I pretty much just shuffled down the street for the first half mile, but after that, my legs loosened up and I felt MUCH better. I was amazed at how much easier it was to breathe, too. I rocked my new Altra hat, which I am obsessed with. It is so lightweight, didn’t move at all, and is super comfy. It might just be one of my new favorites! <3
After my run I made a smoothie for lunch. A couple of people have asked me how many calories are in this smoothie, so I put everything into MyFitnessPal to find out. I used to count calories religiously, but I haven’t done that for probably two and half years or so. I don’t miss it! See below for ingredients, amount, and calories! It’s VERY filling. 
After lunch I mowed, then spent some time prepping for my class. Oh, and had a snack. An apple and almond butter. One of my favorites! 
We met my family for dinner last night. Everything was delicious, but Jake and I have had some pretty awful stomach issues ever since. I will spare you the details, but it has been pretty miserable. We both got a chicken sandwich in a lettuce wrap, so I’m not sure what bothered us. Everything tasted SO good, like always, but it just didn’t settle well. 
After dinner we went home to relax! Lu was mad Jake was on the phone and not giving her his undivided attention. She kept creeping closer and closer to him. It was hilarious. 
These two and their cuddles. We got to watch a little bit of New Girl, which I loved! It was nice to just have some time to relax. 
Lu sure loves her Dad. Her hair has gotten really long, so I need to get her in for a haircut. Jake has been putting her hair into a mohawk lately…it’s absolutely hilarious. She doesn’t love it, but I think she will let him do anything as long as he gives her some cuddles. 
It was early to bed for us since we didn’t feel very good. I couldn’t eat breakfast, but I knew I needed a little something in my stomach because I teach today. I stuck with some Kombucha and pretzels. So far, I’ve been okay! 
We didn’t run this morning since we were feeling so crummy. We may try and knock out a run later, we will just see how we are feeling. 
Happy Tuesday!

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