Birthday fun!

I am currently obsessed with chicken wraps, complete with pickles, onions, jalapeno, mustard, and Sriracha. I think I have had this for lunch 4 or 5 times in a row now. It’s just SO good. Also, I totally ate lunch at 10:30 am on Monday…I was starving and couldn’t wait. Whoops. After I ate, I had a 90 minute phone call about my dissertation proposal – I have LOTS of work to get done. 
Our tentative menu for the week. I think we usually have at least one Mexican meal. It’s our favorite! I have the recipe for the nachos posted under Eats. It’s seriously amazing. If you like sweet potatoes and steak, you’ll LOVE it. 
Yesterday was my Mom’s birthday, so we went to Aviary to celebrate. I’m not a huge crepe fan, so I got the Croque Madame – which is very similar to a grilled cheese with ham and egg. It was DELICIOUS. 
Mmm. Sriracha. Now that I’m back to normal (no more food poisoning), I hope I NEVER have to go without Sriracha again. No one should have to live that way. ; )
Jake had a crepe with steak tips and mushrooms. He loved it! 
We also shared the brussel sprouts. We LOVE brussels. <3
My parents! Aren’t they the cutest?
I ate ALL of my food, so I was thankful for elastic waistbands last night – haha! These pants are my favorite from ROOLEE Boutique – HERE. They are SO comfy. 
Piper (my baby sister – she’s 23, but still my baby sister) and I are going to take my Mom on a girls’ day trip somewhere this summer. We haven’t decided where yet! There should probably be a spa and yummy food…
Jake and I ran this morning. He needed 6 miles and I wanted to do a little bit longer, but knew I wouldn’t want to keep running after he stopped, so I got up at 4 to run a couple miles before I met him to run 6. I can tell I’ve had a couple days of hard running on top of not feeling well last week because I was pretty worn out today. I think I’m going to take tomorrow off and just go to yoga and do a little weight circuit to give my legs a break. I just really love starting my day with a run and finishing it as the sun comes up. I think that’s my favorite part of the day! But rest and listening to your body are important, and my body is telling me I’m tired. 
We had eggs and steel cut oats after our run. I forgot how much I love steel cut oats. 
Topped with honey and Sriracha! Mm. That hit the spot! Then I was off to MSU to teach for the morning. 
I told Jake the other day that I wanted to run another half this summer, just for fun. Look what he found for me! It’s the morning of my high school reunion, so it’ll work out perfectly! We are gone so much this summer, I kind of assumed I wouldn’t find a race that I could do. I’m so excited! I think this will be my 14th or 15th half…I need to suck it up and do a full. I really want to start doing more trail races, since trail running is my favorite. If anyone knows of any awesome trail runs, I’d love to hear about them! We also need to plan another race out of Missouri…we have 48 more states to run in together!

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I had the same lunch again today, plus some watermelon. It’s just so dang good. I watched half an episode of Shameless while I ate, then I got started on some work around the house. I’ve been trying to drink a little kombucha every day since my food poisoning – I love this grapefruit flavor!
I am spending the rest of the day just working on MSU stuff, my dissertation proposal, and the article I’m co-authoring. I will do a little laundry at some point, too. Jake has a 90 minute ride after work, so while he does that, I’ll start on our sweet potato and steak nachos! I might change them to just veggie nachos (sometimes I like steak and sometimes I don’t), but I haven’t decided yet. We are both looking forward to a relaxing night at home!

I had a reader email me today and say she came across my blog via another blog, and that now she reads it every day! Her email made me smile SO big. Thank you! : )

I hope your Tuesday is a great one!

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