Struggle bus & pretty morning views!

I worked on my dissertation proposal for most of the morning yesterday. Lu wanted to sit with me, so I pulled one of our kitchen chairs over to the bar. She stared at me for awhile, probably hoping I’d let her sit on my lap, but she eventually curled up and went to sleep. 
My tentative proposal timeline. GULP. I have lots that I need to start doing! 
While I was working, I cooked up some more steel cut oats. We like having them prepped ahead of time so we can just heat them up and go in the mornings! 
Lu got tired of being next to me, so she retreated to her favorite spot under our bed. Aspen prefers to be on top of the bed. 
I was starving at 10:30 am again, so I had lunch! I think yesterday was my last day of this goodness. I took a break to watch Shameless while I ate. 
I have posted about my BCAAs before, but I just love this brand! I put this on my Instagram story yesterday, but Evlution Nutrition sent me TWO free containers of BCAAS. TWO. I love this flavor, too. I drink this before my morning runs instead of coffee now and I LOVE it. 
I wrote up this workout to do. I wanted to do 2 rounds, but I was on the workout struggle bus yesterday. I had no motivation to do anything and I was just worn out. I told myself I needed to just suck it up and do something. Well, I made it through one round and called it quits. I guess it’s better than nothing! 
I did a lot of laying on the garage floor…
After my failed workout, eye-roll, I took our recycling and then went to the grocery store. I finally remembered to take a bag with me for groceries and everything fit into it! 
GAH! I had forgotten about these. I used to eat these all the time last summer. So happy I saw them! Can’t wait to have some today. They really taste like cotton candy – it’s crazy!
I am REALLY obsessed with candles. Yankee had a huge sale the other day, so I stocked up. These all small AMAZING. <3 
Jake got home from work and we loaded up some more tree limbs (we hadn’t finished hauling the tree that we chop up from the storm last week), and dropped them at the green waste recycling place. I had gotten stuff to make kabobs last night for dinner, but that just didn’t sound good anymore and I was exhausted and didn’t feel like cooking. Which NEVER happens. I love cooking. So, we decided to eat out. We went to Houlihan’s and shared some nachos and this chicken sandwich. Both were delicious! They have this new charred pineapple brown rice and it’s incredible. 
I had some gorgeous views on my run this morning. It was a little humid, but there was a breeze, so that helped. 
The clouds were so pretty. I had to stop and take a few pictures. 
I wore my running skort again – I’m a big fan! It’s so comfortable. 
Steel cut oats with almond butter and eggs with Sriracha for breakfast! I have felt a little weak this week, so I’m counting calories for the day to make sure I’m eating enough. I’m going to start ramping up my milage next week, so I want to make sure I’m hitting all my nutrition like I need to. I could just be weak from being sick last week! We will see. 
Today is another work day for me. I have a conference call at 11:30, so I’m going to work until then, do the call, eat lunch, then work until Jake gets home. I’m hoping I get most of my work done today so I can go to the pool or something for an hour or two tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Jake has a gravel ride Friday night and I have a girls’ night with Cassie and Sam! I think my evening sounds more fun! ; ) We are leaving for Omaha Saturday morning and need to be there about 11, so we will get up about 3:15/3:30 to get ready and hit the road. One of my cousins, Grace, was born in September of 2016 with Trisomy 18, and she passed away in January of 2017. I never got to meet her, but we are having a celebration of her life on Saturday. It will be nice to have my family all together to celebrate Grace. If you want to read about Grace’s life journey, HERE is the link to her Caring Bridge. My aunt, Brooke, did an amazing job keeping everyone updated and explaining what sweet Grace was going through. We will stay for the celebration and then come home Saturday night. Lots of driving time, but it will be SO worth it to get to celebrate Grace and see my family. On Sunday we have a long trail run, and I think that’s it! Hopefully some relaxation time, as well. 
Happy Friday Eve, everyone! I hope your Thursday is wonderful!

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