4th fun + having trouble getting out of bed!

We were pretty lazy most of the morning yesterday – we never get to just lay around, so it was kind of nice. Kind of. I like to get up and get started on stuff in the AM, so sometimes I get a little antsy when we have down time. It drives Jake crazy. We have both been a little worn out. I think we are still trying to catch up on sleep from last Friday when we only got a few hours so we could drive to Omaha to see my family. Lulu and Aspen loved the extra morning cuddles!

We eventually met our friends Scottie, Brandi, and Sunshine for brunch around 11:30. I failed to get any pictures! I think we drank ALL the coffee at The Pitch. All of it.

Then we came back home and I 100% crawled back into bed to do some work on my dissertation, but I fell asleep. I’ve been SO tired lately. Jake packed a little bit for our trip – we are leaving for Colorado on Thursday when he gets off work, but then he laid down, too. We both napped for an hour or two, then he got called into work. Poor guy. We both had workouts we wanted to do, so I made myself get up and go run. I knew I’d feel better if I did and that it would help wake me up. I have a hard time running after I’ve had a full meal, so I was hoping I had gone long enough after lunch that it wouldn’t bother me. I ran around the Nature Center and the views were beautiful.

I love being able to combine road, gravel, and some trail all in one run. It especially helps to switch things up when you’re sleepy. It was SUPER humid yesterday, but it felt good to get out and get a run in.

I got 5 miles in total, but when I reached the halfway mark, I was really struggling with motivation. That’s when I remembered that there were some Strava segments on the route on I was running, so I decided to pick it up a little bit for a section of the trail where I knew one was. Strava segments are member-created sections of a trail or road that athletes can use to compete for time. I have never really used them for much, but I figured they could serve as a good motivator to finish my run a little quicker. I ended up placing 4th in the segment I did (we have some AMAZING female runners here – I love it!), and accidentally PR’ing on my mile. I’ll take it! ​P.S. Michelle, I’m sad I didn’t get to see you driving! My friend, Michelle, texted me during my run and said that my neon orange hat really stood out on the gloomy day. I was too focused on not falling over that I didn’t see her!


We were both bummed that we weren’t able to be at the lake, but my parents were having a potluck which we knew would be a blast, so we decided to hang out with them and their friends last night. Jake got home from work and we headed to my parents’ house! These were our sad faces about not being at the lake. We had so much fun at my parents and got to catch up with everyone. We had some of the yummiest food – ribs, meatballs, chicken, fruit, veggies, different dips – we were both stuffed when we left.

Of course the only picture I took was of my dessert plate. What does that say about me as a person? Dessert is the most important! ; ) Big thanks to Marcia for helping stage this photo!

When we got home, Jake packed for our trip a little bit more and then we were off to bed! I haven’t even started packing…I guess I should start that today…I’m not racing or anything this trip, so I don’t feel like I’m in a rush to get packed. I want to make sure Jake has all his stuff and then I’ll just throw some things in a bag and call it good. This is a faster trip than last time, we will leave right after the race instead of staying that night, so we will barely have a full day in Leadville. I’m really looking forward to our August trip – we will be in Colorado for almost 3 weeks!


I was planning on running outside this morning, but right before I left, it started pouring. I like running in the rain, but I’m just not feeling it today. I might go to the Y later and use a treadmill. We will see if the rain holds off! This was the last few bites of my pre-run breakfast. I was craving almond butter and jelly, so I made a little ABJ on toast. It hit the spot!

After I get a run in, I will spend the day working on my proposal (are you tired of reading about that yet??? I AM!) ; ) Then I will probably start packing.  It looks like it has stopped raining, so i may go for it. Fingers crossed!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. Dayle

    Your dessert looks yummy!
    I don’t think I could ever eat half a cookie — I’m a cookie monster! ha 🙂

    • Chelsea

      Haha, Dayle, I’m with you! I was trying SO hard to be good. I wanted to try ALL the desserts, so I made myself take small portions. It was NOT easy. I love sweets!

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