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GUYS, I finished Chapter 1!!!! It took me longer than I thought it would (I got distracted easily yesterday), BUT, it’s finished! For now. I mentioned yesterday that I needed more research articles for a couple of sections. Well, I was having trouble finding what I wanted, and just before I threw my computer at the wall, I remembered I had these texts! Phew. I was able to find the information I needed, which allowed me to finish the chapter. Now to start on Chapter 2…
I took a lunch break and had this goodness! Leftover salmon in a wrap with avocado and onion, and some broccoli on the side. All topped with Sriracha, of course! I think lunch at home is going to be my favorite part of next year. Since I resigned at the end of last school year, I won’t be going back into the middle school classroom. I will still teach a couple of college courses, but my focus is going to be my dissertation. My goal is to graduate in May…so I have lots of work to do before then. BUT I love being able to eat lunch at home and make whatever I am feeling like, or have a smoothie! That was always something I missed. 
I don’t know how this is comfortable, but this sunny spot is always Aspen’s go-to in the afternoons. She loves it there! 
Jake had some errands to run after work and we didn’t know his schedule, so I told him he was on his own for dinner! I had a veggie burger patty and a huge smoothie. Mm! Then I also snacked on some pretzel sticks and had a popsicle…
If you haven’t had these veggie burgers before, I highly recommend them! I got these at Sam’s Club and they’re SO good. All you do it heat them in a skillet! Super simple. 

Jake got home from his errands, fixed a couple things on one of my bikes (THANK YOU), and then we sat down to watch a movie. Big news – we made it through the WHOLE movie. In one sitting. That NEVER happens. We watched The Do Over. It was okay – there were some funny parts, but also some really weird parts that I didn’t think were necessary. I don’t think I’d watch it again. 

Check this out! One of my besties from high school has started her own business – a flower truck! How awesome is that?! She had her first night on Thursday (last night) at one of the farmer’s markets here in town. Isn’t her truck adorable??? I’m so proud of her! It’s called Ozark Mtn Flower Truck. Look her up on Instagram!
Today is my rest day, so I slept in until 6:15 this morning, which was amazing! I chowed down on this for breakfast – steel cut oats with PB and honey and two eggs. 
I’m going to start working on Chapter 2 (trying really hard to have a positive attitude about sitting in front of my computer again all day – I don’t mind it as much when I get a run in before, but I’m reminding myself that rest days are important, especially when I start getting into longer distances for this marathon training!). I’d love to get a good chunk of it written today! Jake’s Dad and his wife are having us over for dinner tonight, they always make SUPER amazing food! We are looking forward to it! We are meeting a group of friends to run some trail Saturday morning, then I get to spend the day with my friend Michelle, who is getting married Saturday afternoon!!! I’m so excited for her! I think we are relaxing Sunday, I’ll probably do a little bit of work, and we may take out our paddleboards!! Sunday is also my parents’ anniversary, so we will go to dinner with them to celebrate! It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend spent with some of the best people!
Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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