Biofreeze saves & THANK YOU!

After I taught yesterday, I ran a couple errands, then came home and ate lunch. I had this goodness and it hit the spot! It was so hot yesterday, so nothing really sounded all that appetizing. Beets in a salad are my go-to right now. <3
Nothing like needing to use a heating pad and an ice pack at the same time. EYE ROLL! The girls were not assumed. 
I took a short nap yesterday, then got up and had a phone conference with one of my dissertation committee members – it went REALLY well and she helped A TON! I’m so grateful for the amazing women on my committee and their knowledge – they impress me every single day. Jake was on a ride during my phone call, so when I got finished, I mowed our backyard. He got home right as I was finishing up, so he started on dinner. Team work at its finest! We had leftover turkey tenderloin, veggies, and sweet potatoes – Jake had a LONG 16.5 mile run in the morning, so he got two pieces of toast. He shared a bite with me! I wasn’t feeling Sriracha last night…I almost considered calling my doctor. That’s NOT normal. 
After dinner, I did a little work on my computer and enjoyed our LAST coconut popsicle…we NEED more. ASAP. 
This picture will get this girl in trouble with her Dad, but she just loves to sit up on top of the couch. I think it’s cute!
I spend some time rolling out my legs last night while Jake worked on his new watch. He just got the Fenix 3, but we have been having trouble getting it to connect to his phone. He figured it out last night!! He had to be up at 2:50 to meet a group at 3:30 for a long run this morning. His dedication continues to impress me. WOW. We were shooting for an early bed time. I think we finally went to bed about 9:30, which is late for us. I know he’s going to be tired today. I could NOT sleep. As soon as I laid down, I started thinking about my dissertation and some of the things my committee member had mentioned. I started making a list in my head of what all I wanted to change/add, and then I just couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning, but I didn’t want to wake Jake up, so I moved to our guest room for a little bit. I think I finally fell asleep about midnight. I heard Jake’s alarm go off at 2:50, so I got up and talked with him a little, then went back into our room and slept until about 6:15. 
When Jake left for work about 6:40, I decided I was going to run on the treadmill later in the day because I wanted to start working on my dissertation. I told him that as he was leaving and he was like, it’s REALLY nice outside…(he knows I’d rather run outside, no matter what.)
I also knew that if I ran now, I would feel much better and then have the rest of the day to work. So, before I could even think about it, I threw my running shoes on and hit the pavement. 
My run today was MUCH better than yesterday’s! Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement yesterday – you guys ROCK!! <3 
I got a little over 5 miles in, then walked home. It felt nice to slow down and relax a little. 
So, I’m REALLY bad at taking constructive criticism, like, the absolute worst. I take everything personally, which usually ends with me crying or something dumb like that. Well, Jake has learned this, so I got these texts from him after my run. I knew he had checked my Strava when I got the text about recovering. I guess his compliment lessened the blow. ; ) He really is the sweetest. And he’s smart, so I know I need to listen to him. I didn’t get upset!! And from now on, my Wednesday runs will be RECOVERY. I promise. 
My girlfriend, Alyssa, shared this yesterday and it made me laugh SO hard! I panic every single time I have to use a chip reader. I feel like I’m going to mess everything up! 
I’m spending the day working on my dissertation! Fun, fun stuff. Actually, I’m kind of looking forward to it today because I have a PLAN! I want t
o finish chapter 2 by next Wednesday/Thursday…it’s 30ish pages, sooo that’s a lofty goal, but I’m going to try! Fingers crossed. 
Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

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