Monday stuff & not the best start to my morning…

Breakfast Monday was a veggie scramble and steel cut oat. Beets, eggs, and mushrooms might just be my new favorite breakfast combo!
This girl, just cuddling her baby. She and Lu fight over that toy ALL. THE. TIME. 
I worked for about 3 hours on my dissertation and then took a lunch break. I had another wrap with cherries. Those chicken tenders turned out really good, I need to remember the recipe!
Excuse the messy writing, I was rushing, but we finally got back to planning meals again. This summer has been so busy with us traveling and training, so we haven’t been as consistent as we would like. 
Lu in her usual spot while I work! Not really sure how this is comfortable with her booty hanging off, but she slept like this for a long time. 
I ended up doing a small leg circuit as a break yesterday. I just needed a brain break! This made my legs burn!
Trying to workout with these two is impossible! They were either licking me to death or playing tug-of-war underneath my legs. 
And then they stole my yoga mat. They couldn’t care less about what I’m doing until I start working out or doing something else on the floor, then they won’t leave me alone! 
I love Kombucha and I think the ginger flavor is probably my favorite. I had forgotten that I bought a bunch last week – I was so pumped when I found this in the fridge! 
When Jake got home from work, we ran some errands, the last of which was our favorite – picking out a new bourbon! Each time we go, we try to get one we haven’t had before. I think my favorite is Bib and Tucker. If you haven’t had it, it’s AMAZING. We went with Basil Hayden’s last night, which we both had only had mixed in drinks. I think we prefer it mixed into drinks, not as something to sip on. But it was still good! 
When we got home, I started on dinner and Jake looked over my training plan. Have I mentioned he’s the best? He’s so good at this kind of stuff and caught a lot of mistakes I had made. I tend to get overzealous and attempt too much. He spent like an hour and a half working on this! THANK YOU! 
Dinner was turkey tenderloins, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower fried rice. With Sriracha, of course! BBQ sauce on sweet potatoes is a MUST. Jake also added ranch…not real sure about that…
After dinner, I had some work to do and Jake organized some stuff in the garage. I had a popsicle and iced my sore tendon while I worked. : )
When we both finished, we sampled our new bourbon and read up on some Altra stuff. We are both SO impressed with these shoes. I still switch between Brooks and Altras, just because I love both, but Jake has fully switched and he LOVES it. I’ll probably end up taking the plunge, too! Jake is an ambassador for Ames Adventure Outfitters, which is a company that reps Altra, which is how we got started running in them. I’ve never worn such comfortable shoes. Ever. 
We put these two to sleep – Aspen in her mess of blankets on the floor and Lu in her spot under the bed. We were in brushing our teeth, and I see Lu sneak in, set Cheetah (their toy) on the bathroom floor, then walk out backwards while wagging her tail, staring at us. I died laughing. Well, as soon as Aspen heard us laughing, she had to get in on the action, so now they’re both out of bed. Eye-roll. Aspen sees Cheetah and all of a sudden, it’s on. They’re wild and dragging each other around the room with this dang toy. It was hilarious. 
We eventually get the toy away from them – mean Mom and Dad, and get them back into bed. Here is how Aspen sleeps every night. No joke. Three blankets…
I did not sleep very well, so I was struggling when our alarms went off at 4 am. TMI warning!!! I also woke up with cramps, so a run was the LAST thing that I wanted to do. Jake needed 10 miles with a track workout in the middle and I needed 7, with a 30 minute tempo in the middle. We decided to do our warm-up together, then split up for our workouts. Well, we got almost a mile away from the house and I was doubled over in pain. Being a girl is hard sometimes! Jake was on a really tight schedule, so I told him to go on and that I was going to go back to the house. I was mad. I tried to run home, but that wasn’t going to happen. About the time I walked into the garage, the pain subsided and I felt totally normal – this happen almost every month, so I’m used to it, unfortunately. So, I started again. I decided to run the same loop Jake was, just in case I could make it to the track before he was finished. I wanted to run our cool-down together because he has a long ride after work tonight and won’t be home until later. I was going to be over my mileage in doing this, but it was just a longer cool-down than I had planned, so no biggie (Jake already got onto me for not following my plan!). I did my tempo, which HURT. My right leg fatigued much faster than it should have, but I’m going to blame cramps. ; ) Anyway, I made it to the track JUST as Jake was finishing, so we got to run home together! <3
When we got home, I sat on the garage floor for awhile. I was worn out. 
I teach at MSU on Tuesdays, but I needed to stretch and roll with how dumb my leg was being. I will roll again tonight, too. And ice. Coffee and foam rolling on the floor before I showered. 
Breakfast was steel cut oats, half a banana, blueberries, peanut butter, and honey. It hit the spot!
I hate this fly. 
Still obsessed with these songs! They’re good running songs for a warm-up or cool-down. 
Like I said, I taught this morning, then ran some errands. I have a phone call with one of my dissertation committee chairs this evening, which I’m kind of nervous about. I think I’m going to be nervous until I walk across the stage and graduate in May…I’m going to spend the day working on my dissertation, mowing, and cuddling my girls. : ) 
Cheers to Tuesday, friends!


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