Weekend Wrap-up!

A smoothie for lunch Friday was JUST what I needed. I used all this goodness – I added cold brew for the first time and LOVED it!
Also added some spinach, blueberries, and half a zucchini. Mmm. I love having smoothies for lunch because I can sip on them while I type. Win-win!
I went in to get something from the bedroom and Aspen was sprawled out on the bed. She’s such a sweet girl. I think she was wanting me to leave alone though because she went right back to sleep as soon as I left. 
I took a typing break and had another lunch, ha! I feel like I eat every 3 hours…I’m just always hungry. This wrap was amazing! 
Jake and I love Pappo’s, and they just opened another one, so we went to try it out! Flights are my favorite thing ever. I don’t drink a ton of beer because it makes me SO full, but flights are always the perfect amount and I get to try a variety. I always get them if they’re available! 
Our dinner was awesome! We got two small pizzas and a salad. One pizza had BBQ pulled pork and the other was a Greek pizza. Both were incredible. 
Then we went to Cherry Picker to meet some friends for a drink before we went home. It was starting to cool down, so the weather was beautiful!
Jake always does this when I ask him to take a picture. I need to save them all and make a collage or something… ; )
This is my friend Sam! She and I bartended together WAY back in the day. We have been friends ever since! She’s super awesome and maybe the funniest person I’ve ever met. 
Then it was up early for long runs – 10 for me and 25 for Jake. I mixed up some re:play, which is one of my favorite things to drink during a run, and had a little breakfast, then was on my way! I don’t normally drink anything if my run is 12 or under, but I knew it was going to be hot, so I wanted to take something with me. 
Rockin’ my Nathan pack and my favorite Altra hat! I got started a little later than I wanted, so knew it was going to be warm when I finished. I hate running in heat. I got a pretty hilly 10 miles in at about an 8:30 average, so I was happy with the overall run! The last mile was pretty miserable because it was all up hill, but that’s my own fault. Then I got to chat with my friend/neighbor, Ashleigh, for a long time when I finished. It was SO good to catch up with her. Jake got home about an hour after I did and we headed to brunch because we were STARVING. 
Walked into the house after my run to these two spoiled girls and their toy. 
YES. I got my all-time favorite thing from Aviary, the Humble Brag. So so so good. A crescent, cheese, ham, sausage, bacon, and egg. YES. 
Anyone else recline their seats in their own driveway and just chill in the car?? We were both pretty sleepy. I think Jake could’ve fallen asleep right then!
Jake dropped me off and went to run some errands and I got started on some dissertation stuff. First, I made a huge cold brew. Also, I really love this tank top!
Aspen was pouting because I wouldn’t let her on the couch. She stood like this, with her head on my legs for a LONG time…
Jake came home from running errands, watched an episode of New Girl with me for a break, and then fell asleep. He had a huge training week, so I know he was exhausted. I let him sleep until we needed to leave to meet friends for dinner. I don’t know how he fell asleep like this…
I got a lot of sun on my run! My shoulders and chest were a little burnt. 
We met these two at CB Social House. We got to see them TWICE in one week – I was SO happy!
Jake and I shared a salad, a burger, and brussel sprouts. Oh, and some friend chicken skins as an appetizer…so good! 
This burger was AWESOME. The bun was so delicious. And any time I have brussles, I’m going to be happy. 
I LOVE this song. If you haven’t heard it, check it out! Thomas Rhett is such an impressive artist. 
Then it was up Sunday to run together! I needed 6 and Jake needed 10-15, so we got to run together! We did a 6 mile loop, then I went back to the house and he finished up his own run. I came home to stretch and feed the girls They were pretty excited about getting their breakfast in the front yard. 
Lu was giving lots of puppy kisses. 
Then Ash brought up some fresh juice that she has just made! Holy yum – it was AWESOME. She’s the best. 
I was finishing up our breakfast right as Jake got home from his run. We ate our egg and veggie scrambles out in the sunshine!
We came inside to this – I guess eating breakfast in the front yard really wore her out. 
After breakfast we both took a short nap, then made cold brews and hit the road to knock out some errands!
We finished all our errands and were still smiling. That’s a good sign! We leave Friday for Colorado for almost 3 weeks and I HAVE to finish my dissertation before then and Jake has two HUGE races out there, so we are both a little stressed about everything we need to get done. BUT it will get done and everything will be great! : )
I have always gotten nose bleeds, ever since I was in kindergarten. Sometimes I don’t have one for a long time and sometimes they happen all the time. This week has been one where they’re happening a lot. I don’t know why! I kept hoping I’d grow out of it. I’m so used to them now, I just stick toilet paper up my nose and go about my business. Really glamorous! 
We have this book in our bathroom. I always forget about it, but I love flipping through it and seeing who has written in it! It’s the best. It always cracks me up!
Our friend Dan was coming over to grill, so we had some snacks and a beer while we waited for him. Crackers, cheese, and hot sauce is a staple in our house. Also, we are out of Sriracha. SEND HELP. 
This tank explains kind of the only reason I run…just not for a TON of beer. Only one or two. ; )
Mmmm! Our dinner spread last night. We grilled kabobs with shrimp, chicken, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, and pineapple. Then had some yummy sides! 
Jake and Dan have been friends forever. So glad we got to see him last night! Dan’s wife was out of town, so we were bummed she couldn’t make it – next time!!
Aspen found a tennis ball. She’s been keeping it pretty close to her ever since. I think they were wrestling in here and then fell asleep. That’s pretty much their nightly routine. Eye-roll. 
Aspen is pretty happy with her tennis ball this morning!
This week is crunch time for both of us. I HAVE to finish my third chapter and then start editing and revising. Jake already started packing, so that’s good! I haven’t done anything for our trip yet. My dissertation will be my focus until Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully I can finish it Wednesday…fingers crossed! We don’t have too many plans this week, which is good! We are getting together with my birth-mom, Dawn, and her boyfriend, Mitch, for dinner, so we are both really looking forward to that! We LOVE spending time with them. Then the rest of the day/evening will be spent getting ready to leave on Friday and writing my dissertation. 
I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Monday!!

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