Thursday relaxation + Friday fun!

Getting some MP3 players and an iPod ready for Jake on Saturday! I think he is really loving my iTunes library…Eye-roll. Girly music is good for the soul.

I had a couple of trainings I needed to finish on the computer for the online class I’m teaching at UMSL (University of Missouri – St. Louis). Dinner was ready in the middle of my trainings, so I ran downstairs, ate super quick, and then finished my trainings after dinner. We had this deliciousness! Jake and I shared two different salmon patties – I liked one better than the other, so he got stuck eating the half of the one I didn’t like…poor guy!

When I finally finished some computer stuff, I went downstairs to sit with Jake while he worked on race stuff. So many papers…so much math.

I didn’t run this morning, I might run later, I haven’t decided yet. I made an egg and veggie scramble for breakfast and had another one of those cranberry orange bagel halves. It was good!

Jake was working on packing his clothes and shoes for the run. I think he was having too much fun – just kidding! There’s no such thing. : )

We are headed up to Leadville today for a race meeting and the guys will be fed a pasta lunch!

On Saturday, you can track them here:

There won’t always be service, so some results will be delayed. I will also post on Facebook and Instagram (chelseakdorman) whenever I get service! Jake’s bib is 157 and John’s bib is 158.

I will post a race recap on Tuesday! We are driving home Monday (sad face), so I probably won’t have time to post the race recap until Tuesday!
Happy weekend, everyone!!

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