Two quick things to share!


I will post a race-recap tomorrow, but I wanted to let everyone know that I am going home with a LEADMAN! Jake finished the 100 mile run in 27 hours and 45 minutes! I could not be more proud!!!! I just keeping looking at him and thinking about how hard he has worked for this – this was a dream he had SIX years ago. I will share more tomorrow, but check out my Leadman!

Then, after Jake crossed the finish line, he proposed! I think I’m still in shock. I posted a video on Instagram. Everything was SO perfect. I’ll share the whole story later this week. My heart could not be any more full.

We are headed back home now – definitely a bittersweet feeling. I’m excited to get home, but I’m going to miss Colorado so much. And this was 100% a weekend that we will remember forever!


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  1. alisha

    Wow!!! Congrats on the engagement!!!!!! I am so so so excited for yall! Yall are just so sweet and thoughtful. What a perfect time for a proposal. Your relationship is an inspiration!!

  2. Kimberly

    I have been reading your blog for several months and enjoy it so much. Congratulations to Jake, what an amazing accomplishment. Also, WOW! Congratulations to both of you on your engagement! That must have been a wonderful surprise!!! Can’t wait to read the whole story.

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