Packet pick-up + random Thursday happenings!

After breakfast and my run yesterday, I went to pick up my packet for my race tomorrow morning. I’m doing the Run the Rock race, which is 6 miles around a new golf course. The course is supposed to be pretty challenging, so they encourage new runners not to try it – GULP. We will get to run through a cave and run by a waterfall! I’m pretty excited about it. It’s very hilly and we will run on lots of different types of terrain. I’ll try to take lots of pictures of post them on Instagram – follow along @chelseakdorman to see the views!

Aren’t these shirts super cool? They’re long-sleeved, hooded tech shirts. I’m not a huge fan of hoods, but I tried this on before I washed it and it’s SUPER comfortable. I also love our race bibs – they’re so colorful!
After I got my packet, it was home to eat lunch. I had some of the BBQ chicken and sweet potatoes I had made for Jake, plus some plantain chips. I LOVE plantain chips and could probably eat them for every meal. While I haven’t been strict Paleo (I never usually am), I am feeling SO much better this week after eating cleaner. Jake and I call ourselves the 80%ers when it comes to Paleo. We incorporate more carbs in the form of bread than most Paleo followers, but that’s because it just works better for us that way. Find what works for you and make it happen!
​: )

Then it was computer work for a couple of hours. I’m kind of at a standstill right now as I wait to hear back from the head of my dissertation committee – she’s traveling this weekend for a friend’s funeral. She’s been reading my edits and working while trying to help plan the funeral – she’s amazing and I’m SO thankful for her and all of her help. But, I have a hard time just doing nothing since I know I will eventually need to be writing my dissertation. I’m using this time to find and read through more studies and to really dial down my own beliefs about my study. I really just want to be finished writing and starting on my study…Have I mentioned before that I’m not a patient person???? Deep breaths! ; )

Lu was passed out in our room for most of the afternoon. With my blanket…that green blanket is my favorite and the girls always try to steal it.

I mentioned yesterday that I wasn’t super smart and started lifting again this week…after not lifting for almost two months. Again, see the not patient thing? It’s not good. SO, because of that decision, my legs have been pretty sore. I’ve been foam rolling and stretching a lot so I could be ready to run Saturday. I woke up this morning not sore at all! YAY! I love foam rolling and I really think it helps. Does anyone else foam roll? What’re your thoughts?

Any time I get my yoga mat out, Lu thinks it’s for her. She immediately woke up from her all day nap on our bed and came to sleep out here. It’s a little difficult to foam roll when your furchild wants to cuddle you. Every time I would away from her so I could get some room, she would move right next to me again.

Jake’s sweet Grandma saw my post about him wanting chocolate chip cookies and us not having any, so she baked some and brought them over to us last night! How sweet was that? Thank you, RosaLee! <3 She also brought over some leftover taco soup, so I added that to Jake’s mixture of leftovers last night – he loved it! Leftover meatballs and quinoa, plus some yummy taco soup and a little salad (not pictured).

I had leftovers, too – meatballs, quinoa, spaghetti squash and mushrooms, and some salad. I LOVE eating up all the leftovers and I really love when it works out perfectly. I think we have 3 meatballs left from the batch I didn’t freeze, which I will eat for lunch with my smoothie. No wasted food!

I wanted something kind of fruity to drink last night, but I don’t like to drink a ton of sugar because it upsets my stomach and will keep me up. Skratch hydration mix came in for the win! I mixed half a scoop of the raspberry mix with vodka and water – it tasted really good!

Jake is on call this week and he got called out to work after dinner – don’t tell him someone got to cuddle her Mom on the couch! We were watching Scandal together. I finally got my green blanket back from the little one and she was snoozing it up in her Dad’s recliner. Girls’ night in!

I’m spending today doing more computer work…I might try and type a little, knowing I might have to delete it. I just want to feel like I’m making progress. We will see! I think we are going to part of a high school football game tonight with some friends, then it’s off to bed early to get a good night of sleep before my race tomorrow. I have two girlfriends running in this race, too, and I can’t wait to see them! Jordan and Kayla, you’re going to kick butt! My birthday is on Sunday, so I think I’m going to breakfast with some friends Saturday after the race to celebrate that, then Satruday evening, my parents are having a BBQ for us, our sisters, Jake’s parents, and a couple of my girlfriends. On Sunday, we have a kickball game! We joined a kickball league and it will be our first game. I’m excited! This weekend is busy for everyone and Jake is on call, so he can’t do much, so my girlfriends are throwing me a party Monday night at one of their houses – they’re the best and I’m SO excited!
Do any of you foam roll? What are your experiences with it?
What are your plans this weekend?
​Anyone racing? I’d love to hear about it!
I hope your weekend is wonderful!


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  1. Lindsay

    Hope you had an AWESOME race! I ran a spring triathlon this morning where I placed 4th overall and 1st in my age group. Feeling pretty good. Ready for Mo’ Cowbell in two weeks now!

    • Chelsea

      WOW!!!!!!! Lindsay, that is SO awesome. Congratulations!!! That is so impressive. I did a sprint tri once and it was so hard…I did the backstroke halfway through the swim because I was dying, haha! No joke!
      Way to go!!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

      • Lindsay

        Sounds like you had an impressive race this weekend too. If we were ever at the same race we’d be in the same age group. Oh boy. Who is going to win! 😉 (just kidding)
        Happy Birthday!

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