Wedding announcement + short & sweet + Happy Birthday!

I got this text from my soon-to-be hubby yesterday! Eek! We will be getting married over Memorial Day weekend (May, 26th, 2018) in Colorado! We are SO excited. We are doing a small, intimate ceremony with only our families, and then we will come back home and have a huge party to celebrate with all of our friends. It’s exactly what Jake and I want, and I think it’s absolutely perfect for us. Colorado is obviously so special to us (that’s where we were most of the summer and also where Jake proposed), so it just made sense! I’ll share more details next week. ; )

Real cool. This is what happens when you’re trying to hurriedly heat up your coffee. It was ALL over. I started cleaning it up and then realized I should probably share this moment with you…

It also got all over my VERY glamorous outfit. These are my favorite sweats and they’re about 3 sizes too big. They’re perfect to throw on after a run when you’re cold. They aren’t super flattering (obviously) but after dressing up every day for work, it’s kind of nice to be able to wear sweats in the middle of the day!

I had leftovers for lunch, including the brussels (I forget that’s their real name) sprouts I had been dreaming of all day – it was just what I had imagined! SO good. Chicken, quinoa, and brussels. YUM.

I had a snack of hummus and pita chips later on, too. I like my hummus spicy, so I added Sriracha. You can roll your eyes at me if you want to, it’s okay!

I changed out my super glamorous outfit to meet some girlfriends for a drink at Barley, Wheat, and Rye. The picture on the left was accidental, but it shows that I really did put real pants on, so there’s the evidence! ; ) I enjoyed some Four Roses on the rocks. It was delicious.
Today is our friend Kimberly’s birthday!!!! Happy 29th, girly! She and I decided that next year, we should have a joint Dirty Thirty party since we will both be turning 30! Funny story, I had been friends with Kimberly and her sister, Amber, for awhile before Jake and I started dating. They saw us together on Facebook after we started dating and told me that he was their cousin!! It still makes me laugh. Small world, huh? They’re the best girls and I can’t wait to be related to them! Another exciting piece of news, Kayla, the one who ran the hard 6 miles with me last weekend (she’s on the right), just signed up for her FIRST half marathon!!! She’s going to do the half in Nashville when I do the full. I am SO pumped and so so SO proud of her. She’s got the racing fever, friends!

I’ve got some research to do today before a phone call this afternoon, then I’m going to Branson to hang out with my Dad’s high school friends for a little bit. He went to high school in London on an army base, so his class is pretty close, which is awesome to me. I can’t wait to see everyone! Then I’m meeting a group for a long trail run tomorrow! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend – I have a bunch of paperwork I’d like to get finished, too.
Happy FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend!

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