Real talk + new favorite graphic + track time

This. So much truth. This graphic really stuck with me – I read a blog everyday (Hungry Runner Girl) and Janae, the blogger, posted this yesterday. This applies to so many different aspects of my life.

​As a runner, I have never liked being in the pain cave. When my runs would start to hurt, I would stop. Sometimes I never even got the “hurting” part of a run because I just never pushed myself that hard. Did I love running back then? Of course. I loved running just because I was running. I loved having the ability to stay in shape, eat and drink pretty much what I wanted, and get some time outside. I loved participating in races, but I never did well in them or thought about PRs. I just paid money to get a shirt and say I did a race. I’m not saying those are bad things, but it just wasn’t enough for me. Once I embraced the pain cave and learned that pain/being uncomfortable comes and goes, I think my life as a runner changed. While I still don’t love being uncomfortable during a run, it never lasts very long. The progress I have seen from being a little uncomfortable is definitely worth it. And I have found the more that I run through some uncomfortableness, the more I can handle. There are obviously some pains that we shouldn’t run through, but I’m talking about NON-INJURY pains. This graphic also applies to me as a student. The past two semesters have been the hardest and most challenging of my academic career, as they should be. I am in the final leg of my PhD and it’s tough. There have been MANY times when I ask myself why I’m even doing this – I’m already getting to teach some college courses, why does it matter if I finish? It matters because I started. I started with a goal in mind, and even though it REALLY sucks right now, I’m not going to quit. Even though I’m a MONTH behind where I need to be, I’m not going to quit. Even though some days, I really WANT to give up, I won’t.

I spent the entire day yesterday doing work on my computer. I’m not complaining, i’m not complaining…

Lunch was BBQ chicken in a pita pocket and some sweet potatoes. It was delicious!


This was my view while I was eating. Little chubster wanted my lunch, ha! I took a break from work while I ate and watched some Parks and Rec – one of my favorite shows from way back.

I had a two hour phone meeting, then went to let my precious angel nephew, Ralph, out to go potty and take him on a little walk. My sister drove my mom (who has the respiratory flu) on an 8 hour round trip drive yesterday to pick up my Grandma. I was bummed to miss out on some girl time, but I just had too much to get done.

Jake helped his Dad with some yard work right after he got off work, so I ate dinner at 5 pm, my favorite time to eat! I had sausage and veggie soup plus some cornbread. I think I could eat cornbread everyday for the rest of my life…

I got the application for my study submitted, so I poured a celebratory glass of wine! Then I spent about an hour responding to emails and grading, while listening to Parks and Rec. This was my sweet set-up. Jake was cracking up about it when he got home. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! I’m in survival mode at this point.

This cute cuddle bug stole my blanket. Again.

Aspen lounged in her chair, like she does pretty much all day.

The girls destroyed another toy…

Then it was up at 4:20 to meet these gals for a track workout! Kayla and I live about half a mile from each other, so she drove to my house, and we ran (Jake joined us) to the track to meet Jyssica. The track we run at is 2 miles from my house, which is the perfect warm-up. Jake did his own run while we did track stuff. We each did our own speed work, but it was nice to have a group to run with! I did 4x800s with a 400 recovery lap in-between each. Jake met us again at the track when we finished, and we ran 2 miles back home. Jyssica lives really close to us, too, so she ran back to her own house. It’s PERFECT living so close to my running buddies. It definitely helps with motivation, especially as it gets colder. I ended up with 7 miles total. I’m having some hamstring/lower back pain (UUUUGH) so I’m going to try and get lots of stretching in today.

Oatmeal, eggs, peanut butter, and honey. Heck yes! Perfect fuel after a cold morning run.

Lu sat here an stared at me while I ate. She was really wanting her own breakfast.

I promise that Jake liked my oatmeal/egg concoction! You just can’t tell…

Lu moved by her food bowl waiting for me to feed her…she does this almost every morning. Eye-roll. Just like her mother, I guess! Always thinking about food…

Sometimes you just need to eat your post-run oatmeal and eggs on the kitchen counter.

Any hamstring/lower back stretches I should be doing?
Anyone else learning to ‘love’ the pain cave?
It’s another computer day for me. Working on finishing up the article I’m helping present at a literacy conference in Florida next month. Fingers crossed we get the article totally finished this week. Jake and I might go to a running event later this evening – it just depends on how my work stuff goes!
I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


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  1. Christina @ The Running Noob

    First time commenting but long time reader 🙂 Popping in to say you inspire me. 4:20am wakeup to get in a track workout is killer. Nice work!
    I’m also a huge fan of Hungry Runner Girl! That quote inspired me to run a little harder and longer today. It reminds me that pain is normal during a run and that most times that pain subsides if you just keep going.
    Side note: Linked to your blog from mine because your pickle hat reminded me of a Pickle Soda that’s out! Disgusting or delicious… jury is out!

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Christina!!
      You’re SO right. If we can just get through those first few seconds of being uncomfortable, we can go much longer/faster than we think! Our brain definitely plays tricks on us.
      Oh my gosh – I LOVE pickle juice…but I don’t know how I feel about pickle soda…have you tried it?!
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Dayle

    Hey Chelsea!
    Two questions from me today 🙂
    For your egg/oatmeal concoction can you share how you make it?
    Second is blogging related. You know how on HRG she has her post of that day (most recent) at the top, the full post, and then subsequent older posts have just the title, one picture, and a few lines preview with a “continue reading” button? Have you thought about doing that for yours? Or is there a reason you like to have all of your full posts on the homepage? I was just curious and thought I would give you my feedback that I think doing it the way Janae does would be a little more reader friendly. Sometimes I am going back to a past post to read the comment replies, and when scrolling quickly down it’s hard to see where one post ends and the next begins. Don’t feel like you have to make this change by any means! Just sharing my $0.02.
    Have a great Wednesday!

    • Alyssa W

      I agree with Dayle! Sometimes I have to go a few days without reading my favorite blogs and it’s much easier being able to easily click on a post from a few days back, rather than having to scroll through several full posts to find where I left off. 🙂

      • Dayle

        Awesome, Chelsea!
        Actually, now your first post is also summarized… totally cool if that’s how you wanted it to be – just letting you know :):)

    • Chelsea

      You just prepare oatmeal like normal – water or milk, then crack an egg into it and stir it all up! I heat it up for about 2 minutes, then top it with peanut butter and honey. So good! Let me know what you think!
      And oh my gosh! You would not believe how many times I have wanted to do that – you inspired me. I’m going to look into it. I always thought it would make it easier to read my posts…great suggestion!

  3. Lindsay

    Sounds like the perfect oatmeal combo … would you think that the egg addition would work with maple & brown sugar oatmeal? If not, I guess I need to hit the grocery store.
    I have an 8 mile run in the morning which will require a 4:10am wake up. Should be in bed BUT I needed some decompression time before bed.
    Would you say that because you work from home that you find time to take a nap during the day when you get up at 4:20am?

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Lindsay!
      I think the maple and brown sugar oatmeal would work just fine!! You can’t even taste the egg, it just makes the oatmeal fluffier and more filling.
      I hope your run this AM went well! You’re amazing! I try SUPER hard not to nap. I’m a really bad sleeper at night, and if I nap, it usually makes it worse. Iced coffee is my best friend.

      • Lindsay

        Are you sure we aren’t the same person? I am a terrible sleeper at night hence why I workout so early in the morning … because I have simply given up on sleep. In most cases I am motivated through the workout with the promise of iced coffee as a reward! HAHA!

      • Chelsea

        Oh my gosh, Lindsay! HA! We might just be the same person! I hate to admit that coffee is my motivation for almost everything…I can never get enough! Which also might be part of my sleeping issue…
        I love meeting fellow morning runners! You’re amazing! 🙂

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