Winter clothing poll + obsessed + IT Band help, please!!

Breakfast yesterday after our run was an egg and veggie scramble, sausage links, and a waffle with PB. I added turmeric and coriander to the eggs again – SO good!

I’ve been running with Kayla and Jyssica (they’re the girls racing in Nashville with me!!) on Wednesday mornings because it’s our hill repeat or track workout day. I didn’t run with them yesterday and I missed them! I won’t do another hill or track workout until after my back-to-back trail race in November. It sounds like they both KILLED their run!! I’m SO proud of both of them! Kayla is training for her first half and Jyssica and I are training for our first fulls! We found the most adorable house in Nashville, so we will stay there for the weekend with our fellas, AKA our pit crew.

Jake helped me get my winter clothes down from the attic. Whoops! I thought I had two bins…not three. My GOAL is to not have to switch out clothes after this year. I really want to go through things and get rid of A LOT. I don’t need this many clothes. I don’t end up wearing a lot of this! Anyone else switch out their clothes?

Lunch was the LAST of the veggie and sausage soup with quinoa and cornbread. Sad, sad day! That soup was so yummy! And perfect for right now since it’s super chilly here!

All. The. Halo. Top! I am officially obsessed. Also, I hate shopping carts. I will literally lose all feeling in my arm before I will use a shopping cart.

I may or may not have a bite out of each of these when I got home. Is that bad?

Thanks, guys!! I guess I don’t have a clothing problem! ; ) Please see the picture on the right for Jake’s sassiness. Eye-roll.
Then we headed to Arris’ Pizza for dinner! We always sit on the bar side, which used to be called Kermer’s, but it’s now called The Annex. I bartended there for a couple of years when I was 21. I loved it! I also worked as a hostess on the Arris’ side when I was in high school. I have always loved their pizza! Jake and I had a salad, which was inhaled before I got a picture of it, then shared this pizza. It’s called the Apollo. It has pepperoni (the actual pizza comes with Canadian bacon, but we sub pepperoni), jalapeños, breakfast bacon, pineapple, and onion. We also get light cheese. It’s SO GOOOOOD.

This honey mustard is the best I’ve ever had. I’ve been obsessed with it since I was 16.
Full of pizza and wine, we set out to get some stuff for our Halloween costume! I’ll post some hints tomorrow and see if anyone can figure it out.

Baaaahahahah! How awesome is this? He could totally pull it off, huh? ; ) We had way too much fun costume shopping!

I told Jake about all the Halo Top flavors we got. Luckily, he wanted to sample them all, too! That Pancakes and Waffle one is SO good, it’s just super rich. I think that one and Birthday Cake (which we got out later) are our favorites so far!

I’m working on editing my dissertation proposal some more today. I have a phone meeting this afternoon about the article I’m presenting in Florida next month. We are getting super close to wrapping that up! I woke up not being able to bend/straighten my knee very well – UGGGGH – so I think my IT band has gotten irritated. I’m not running today because of it. I’ve been really pushing myself on runs/workouts, and Jake keeps reminding me that I’m on a very close line to getting injured if I don’t watch it. I wore those new trail shoes on the road yesterday, so maybe that did it; I did a hard rowing workout Monday, maybe that did; I had a hard run Tuesday, maybe that did it; I wore heels last night, maybe that did it. No clue, but I’m icing, rolling, stretching, and letting it rest today. Fingers crossed I can get a run in tomorrow. I’m definitely grumpy (or grunpy) when I can’t run. It’s the worst.

Anyone else switch out their clothes? Any tips on making it easier? Or tips on getting rid of stuff?!
​What’s your favorite pizza topping?
Any IT band injury solutions?!
Happy Friday Eve, everyone!


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  1. Rebecca Best

    Whenever I have trouble with my ITB, I use the foam roller on it. Most importantly, I roll VERY slowly till I find the tight spots and stay on it for 20 seconds at a time. It will be very painful to remain on the spot but so worth it. Helps me every time.

    • Chelsea

      Oh, awesome! Thank you, Rebecca! I love my foam roller, well, love-hate. But it does definitely help! Thank you SO much! Have a great weekend!

  2. Lindsay

    I feel like I have nothing that fits right now and the transition to winter is always rough because that means I need to go shopping. You’re welcome to send ALL of the clothes that you don’t keep! 😉 HAHA!
    I may have to sit out my 16 miler this weekend if I can’t get my glute pain to go away … swimming in the morning in hopes that the change of muscle usage will help!
    Good luck with the IT Band issues. Have you considered going to see a sports massage therapist to help loosen up the tight muscles?

    • Chelsea

      Season transitions are SO hard!! It is fun, though, because it’s like you’re getting a whole new wardrobe. Plus, any excuse to go shopping… ; )
      Oh no – I hope it’s feeling better! That’s so frustrating. Sending positive vibes your way, lady!
      I haven’t seen one, but I’ve been thinking about it! I think it’s time to look into one.
      Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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