Trouble focusing + a road trip + jealous dogs

Breakfast after our run yesterday was a veggie, egg, and sausage scramble, toast with jelly, and some OJ.

My chiropractor has me taking this turmeric supplement. It’s mixed with black pepper, which I guess allows your body to absorb it easier. This helps with inflammation, among other things. I told him I add both turmeric and black pepper to my eggs every morning. I saw him again for the second time yesterday and he said my hips are already evening out! YAY! I go back again tomorrow, so fingers crossed I keep improving.

Snacks on snacks. These crackers are delicious. They’re also Paleo friendly, win-win!

Lu was missing her Dad, so she made a little bed on his jacket. If there are ever any clothes laying somewhere, she makes a bed.

Lunch was my favorite Sweet Kale salad kit and a spicy black bean burger.

Dark chocolate covered espresso beans from our Halloween goodie bag from Jake’s Grandma – thank you, Rosa Lee! <3

I tried to work on edits yesterday, but I was having a TON of trouble focusing on my paper. I eventually ended up taking care of a bunch of other stuff because I knew it wasn’t going to happen for the paper. I hate when I can’t focus on what I need to be doing! I’m hoping today is better. I think I was just over working on the paper since I did that all day Tuesday. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!


Girls’ road trip! I forced them to wear their candy corn necklaces…they LOVED it. Not.

We took a break to go visit Grandma Carmen! They were pretty excited to get out of the house. They played fetch for almost an hour at my parents’ house. At one point, my Mom had thrown 3 tennis balls for them. Aspen kept trying to figure out how to carry more than one back to us. It was hilarious.
Dinner was honey Sriracha salmon, cauliflower fried rice, and a roll. I love that stores are selling the cauliflower fried rice mixtures pre-made. It saves so much time. And it’s really tasty!

I got lots of cuddles from our babies last night. They were being super jealous of each other, but we finally got them to chill out. Anyone else have two dogs who get jealous when one is getting attention and the other isn’t? It’s ridiculous. They were each used to having us one-on-one, so it’s taken a little getting used to having to share.

We turned our fireplace on last night and Aspen stood like this the entire time. I get it, girlfriend. Fire feels so good.

I picked up a couple bars of my favorite chocolate the other day at Mama Jeans. They have ALL different kinds and they’re all SO good. If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it.

My life right now…

I have a phone meeting later today, so I’m going to work on my edits until then. I’ll probably try to squeeze in a rowing circuit today, too. For dinner, we are making homemade pizzas! I cant’ wait.
Anyone have dogs that get jealous? What do you do?
Any tips for spending a lot of time in front of a computer every day but still getting to move around?
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I work in an office so for me I do need to be sitting for meetings and to actually get work done but I’ve found that if I take a 15 minute break every hour or so it helps me to stay focused.
    Last night my friends and I went on our last bike ride of the season and let’s just say I couldn’t feel my hands or feet for a while after getting off the bike. BUT this morning we must have had a snap in the weather because it was 53 and humid it was an interesting 8 miles that’s for sure.
    I’m so glad it’s thursday because that means I have the day off tomorrow!!
    And big plans for your day??

    • Chelsea

      I was a teacher for 5 years, so while I sat a little, I was also up walking around a lot. It’s definitely a change to working on my computer all day now. I get restless, especially on days when I don’t run. Breaks definitely help!
      Oh gosh, I’m sure it was a cold ride. It warmed up here today, too! It’s supposed to be a really nice weekend. I’m excited!
      Happy last day of the work week!
      No big plans today – just computer work. LAME. Do you have any big plans?

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