Weekend Wrap-up!

My Mom and I boarded our flight Friday morning to leave Florida a little after 6 AM. While it was hard to get out of bed at 4 AM, I was SO excited to get home and it made the day of traveling seem more bearable, since we got home around 10:30 AM. The sunrise was beautiful!

We grabbed a quick lunch when we got home. This quiche from B2 sounded AMAZING.

Then it was home to see my babies! We had lots of cuddles on the floor.
Then I made them model their new outfits. I heard the doorbell ring around 2:30 or so and it was JAKE! He had taken off work a little early to surprise me. I was so excited.

I headed out for my first cryotherapy session. I got into this chamber at -200 degrees Fahrenheit. It was cold, but not unbearable. Plus, you’re only in it for 2-3 minutes. I was definitely shivering, though! THIS link explains where I went and kind of what it does. I’m going to go a few more times to see if it helps my hamstring. I am not running for the next few weeks – which I absolutely hate – but I want to heal properly so I don’t have to drop out of my marathon. ALL my fingers and toes crossed.

After the cryosauna, I went to yoga, then I met up with some of my girlfriends to go to a concert for Kayla’s upcoming birthday! It was a blast!

Funny story – one of Jake’s Christmas presents WAS going to be becoming part of the Mug Club at Springfield Brewing Co. here in town. He has ALWAYS wanted to do this, so I was excited to surprise him with it. They released the mugs Saturday morning, so I had been planning to get in line early to get Jake’s mug. Well, I had found the date awhile ago and kept it a secret from Jake. They don’t typically release the date (that I remember), so I was trying to keep Jake from finding out. We actually ate at Brew Co the night before I left for my trip and Jake kept trying to look up the date for Mug Club! I had to distract him and make him search other things – it was stressful! He eventually forgot about it, so I was relieved. Wellllll, the brewery posted the date that they were releasing mugs the night before I got home from Florida. Aaaaand then Jake tagged me in the post on Facebook, saying we should do it. I was so bummed! It ended up working out, though, because we were able to get two mugs since we both went to sign up. So, Jake got one of his presents early! I filled him on the whole story and he felt terrible.

The glorious Mug Club!

After we got our mugs, we decided a little breakfast was in order. We shared the burrito and it was AMAZING. I’m going back to no dairy/no sugar TODAY, so I enjoyed this! I’ve been having some stomach/skin issues, and I know it’s from dairy/sugar, so I’m going back to cutting it completely out, then I’ll have it occasionally. It doesn’t seem to bother me when I do that.

Then it was off to the store to get all the stuff we needed for Friendsgiving, which we hosted at our house Saturday night. I saw this shirt at Brew Co. and HAD to have it.

Jake worked on the turkey and ham while I finished up some decorating! I LOVE Christmas decorations. SO much. I’ll share a few pictures.

We got lucky with our tree this year! It’s so perfect that it almost looks fake. I love it! It also smells really good!

We need to put new hooks up for our stockings, so until we do that, the Noel sign will be hung where the stockings go.

After we finished up, Jake started a fire for everyone. We are loving our new fire pit!

The girls and I “helped” with the fire by playing. I tried to get a picture with Aspen and she got a sneak smooch in…like always.

Lu just wanted me to throw the frisbee for her.

Ready for our friends and family to arrive!

HA! Chelsea, Jake’s sister, stole my phone. Here are a few of her beautiful pictures! ; )
Everyone brought the most delicious food!! Here are some of the sides.
Jake did an incredible job on the turkey and ham. They were both amazing. I’m not a huge turkey fan, but I couldn’t stop eating this turkey. So impressed with him!
My plate of goodness.
My friend Katie’s boyfriend, Layne, carried Lulu around like this for a long time Saturday night. I couldn’t stop laughing! Lu loved it! Lu has a denim jacket on, which also cracked me up all night.
We had about 30-35 people over for dinner, which was a blast! Most of the guys hung out by the fire and the girls were in the shop listening to music or playing beer pong or flip cup.
High school friends, Annemarie and Kallie!
My running buddies, Jyssica and Kayla!
Dan and Michael gave our girls LOTS of cuddles. The girls love these guys.
On Sunday morning, we had pancakes, eggs, and sausage links.
After breakfast, we packed lunches with leftover ham and turkey and headed to Mother’s with the girls! It was WAY too nice outside to be stuck inside. We were both filling out some stuff for our pre-marital counseling class, so it was really nice to be able to work on that while enjoying the sunshine.
The girls got to run around and play lots of catch. There was a little girl at Mother’s and she would make our dogs sit then throw the ball for them. It was adorable!
Jake liked the New England IPA that Mother’s had. I liked that it matched the sunset behind him.
We took the girls home, then stopped by Galloway for a quick dinner. I wanted a bunch of different things, so I ordered ALL of them, but then couldn’t finish it all. I just love their tuna steak! And sweet potato fries. And salad….
After dinner, we had a phone call with the women doing our pre-martial counseling, then we sat out in the shop with the girls and just hung out. It was so nice and relaxing!
I’m about to start some meal prep and take care of some other stuff around the house! Jake and I are going to do a little workout together when he gets home from work. I HATE not running…but this hamstring is not good right now. I’m going to call a couple of places to see if I can get in and see anyone that might have an idea on what I did/how to fix it. We will see!
How was your weekend? Any traveling?
Any awesome runs?
Any dairy-free recipes you love??
Happy Monday!

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