Bummer + Tabata + try this!!

Two things: One – we were officially out of peanut butter for about 2 hours yesterday. It was terrible. Two – how cute is this little baby spatula? I love it!
I did a BUNCH of grading yesterday morning. FInal grades for the two online college courses that I’m teaching are due next Monday, so I have lots of final projects to get graded. After that, I had a small snack before I went on a bike ride – ham and bread with the rest of the PB and some honey. 
I love these Nuun tablets. They taste SO good and help me recover quickly. Not that I needed serious recovery yesterday… I had planned on doing a 10 mile ride, but my stupid hamstring started firing at me after about 2 miles. UGH. I was not happy. I’m hoping it’s just because I rode my bike twice on Sunday AND ran. I think it’s just a little worn out. ​​So, I stopped after 5 and called it a day. 
I drank my Nuun out of this Skratch bottle, which is my all-time favorite water bottle. 
After my ride, I went to Target. I know, I know. Why would anyone go to Target this close to Christmas? I had a weak moment. BUT, I found this! I can’t wait to try it! And yes, Target was an absolute mad house. 
Then it was time for lunch #2! Uncured salami, turkey, and hummus on a Wasa cracker, plus an orange and some raspberries. Those raspberries were the best. Ever. I could’ve eaten the entire container…
Then it was time for some black bean brownies!!! I followed THIS recipe And they are GOOD. 
Oh yeah. Sign me up. These are so easy and they taste amazing. Try them out and let me know your thoughts! 
We were legit on our last roll of toilet paper. 
Then it was time for some Tabata! I love these types of workouts. Typically, you do 8 rounds, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. It’s a great way to get your heart pumping. I did 16 rounds total, following the 20/10 rule. I did each of the following moves twice – jump squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, left curtsy lunge, right curtsy lunge, mountain climbers, and pulsing squats. That’s it! It doesn’t sound all that intense, but I definitely felt the burn. There’s an app called Workout Timer (see below) and it is perfect for Tabata!
It looks like this – the one on the top right. 
This is a cool graphic to help you choose movements. I’ll use something like this when I’m having trouble coming up with moves that differ from what I typically do. I tend to stay pretty consistent. 
The sunset was gorgeous last night. 
For dinner, Jake grilled Bison burgers and I made sweet potato rounds and a salad. It was delicious. The burgers were incredible. I’m trying not to eat dairy, but I have a weakness for goat cheese and it doesn’t usually bother me, so I added some to our salads. 
I got some more presents wrapped! 
After dinner, we finished up Hatfields and McCoys. The girls weren’t very interested. I enjoyed it!
We also enjoyed our black bean brownies! I didn’t tell Jake what they were until after he tried one. He loved it. And may or may not have had more than one…
Then I made the mistake of moving. Lu stole my spot. Again. 
Look how snazzy my parents look all dressed up! Hubba hubba!
I have two more interviews today and a phone meeting, so I have a feeling time is going to fly by. I will be working on transcribing interviews between everything, so I’m going to have lots of time at my computer.

​It’s Jake’s Grandma’s birthday and my Aunt’s birthday today!! Happy Birthday, Rosa Lee and Aunt Margo! We love you! We are going to dinner at Jake’s parents’ house tonight to celebrate with Rosa Lee- we can’t wait! My Aunt lives in Iowa, otherwise we would be celebrating with her, too! I’m off to get a rowing workout in! We will see how my hamstring feels…

Happy Tuesday!

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