My first physical therapy appointment + spring semester + some favorite workout moves!

Can you wear too much purple? Asking for a friend. 
Jake and I went to the Y Monday morning. He ran and I did the elliptical. I got to watch him run and take creepy pictures like this. Is this why he doesn’t go to the Y with me very often? Probably. 
I am really enjoying the elliptical right now! It doesn’t bother my hamstring and the time seems to go by quickly. I change directions every 4 or 5 minutes, so I think that really helps. 
Sorry this is blurry, but I had to document how mistreated I am. Jake posted this on his Instagram story – rude. ; )
Jake doesn’t love running on the treadmill and he needed to get a long run in, so I walked next to him to help encourage him when I finished on the elliptical. Based on this picture, I’m going to say it wasn’t helping…
While Jake finished his run, I did my 10-minute abs. Kayla came and found us before her workout class. She talked to me the whole time I did my abs, so that made the time fly by! Thanks, girl!
Then it was home to chow down on some breakfast casserole. 
After breakfast, I had my first physical therapy appointment. I got pretty good news from my PT! I was starting to think I’d NEVER be able to run again – remember how all my friends voted that  I overreact to everything? I don’t know where they get that from…
Anyway, my PT thinks I just need to strengthen my core and glutes and I’ll be feeling much better. I have a hip imbalance, so she’s going to work on adjusting that, while also strengthening my core (pelvic floor, hips, back, etc.), and strengthening my glutes. I see her again Thursday, so I’m looking forward to getting this recovery started! She also gave me this Lacrosse ball to use all over. It hurts, friends. But I need it! She said I need to especially use it on my feet, hips, and back. So, that’s what I’ve been doing! I’ve never EVER rolled my feet out. And holy cow – I have some pretty huge knots in both of them.  
After PT, I headed to the library for a few hours to work. I had packed prunes for a snack while there, but I was so into my work, I forgot to eat them – that NEVER happens. I have never forgotten about food in my entire life. So, I chowed down on them when I got home. So. Good. 
I have been pretty hungry lately, so I’m adding a few more carbs into my diet than Paleo calls for (I also just really like these tortillas). I had a wrap with hummus and the chicken I made in the crockpot on Sunday, plus some roasted veggies. I couldn’t fit the whole chicken breast in the wrap, so I just ate the rest of it on its own. 
I am teaching 3 online college classes this semester, so I worked all afternoon on getting those ready to go. I took a little break for an Epsom Salt bath about halfway through getting them ready. 
I also picked up this book at the library! I’m going to start using Good Reads again so I can track my reading. I’m excited!
One of my classes is 100% ready to go! 
I worked on the computer while cuddled up with my new blanket from Jake’s Momma. I LOVE it. Thanks, Penny! 
Jake got home from work and a friend came over to do a workout with him. Someone was pretty sad because her Dad got home from work and immediately went into the garage to do his workout. She sat here and cried until he came back inside. I guess she was sick of me. 
While the guys worked out, I started on dinner. We had stuffed acorn squash! 
While the squash was roasting, I worked on the stuff to go in them. Ground turkey, mozzarella (not Paleo – but we needed to use it up), jalapeño, onion, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, and an apple. Oh, and I sipped on this deliciousness that my girlfriend, Lori, gave me at our friend Christmas. It’s so good!!
Once that was finished, I packed Jake’s lunch. Doesn’t this look yummy?? Those are jalapeño Hawaiian rolls – I didn’t even know they made those! Jake will love them. 
I also made another batch of the dressing we use on everything. This is all that’s in it! 
Here’s what I filled the squash with! 
I filled them up and topped them with a balsamic glaze. They were super good!
We had leftover of the filling, so we ate some of it on the side. I have made stuffed squash before, but I think this was my favorite recipe. I liked all the different flavors that were in the filling. 
After dinner, we watched an episode of Bloodline and the girls lounged in their chairs. 
The girls were pretty sad that they couldn’t play with the Lacrosse ball from my PT. Lu sat and stared at it for a long time while I rolled out my feet. Life is so unfair sometimes. 
Jake used the ball on my back while we watched Bloodline. I think this needs to be a nightly occurrence… 
These two called to tell us about the AMAZING dinner Lizzy made. They did meatless Monday and had a chickpea curry – it looked incredible. I’m going to have to make it! 
I got up this morning and headed to the Y while Jake ran outside. Nothing sounded appealing this morning, so I told myself I’d start with a little rowing circuit, then move onto something else. Anyone else have days like that? I really just wanted to go for an easy run, but other than that, I didn’t want to do anything. I knew if I would just get started, I’d eventually find motivation. At least that’s what I was hoping for. I ended up doing a 30-minute rowing circuit. I did a 5-minute warm-up on the rower (which felt like an hour), then got started. I rowed for 3-minutes, then did lifting/abs. I think I got about 4 or 5 rounds in. I wasn’t moving very quickly this morning. I did get to have my own little workout area, so I liked that!
I get super bored on the rower, so I have to keep my time on it short. 3-minutes is about all I can typically do. I start to get super lazy if it’s much longer than that. 
I did kettle bell swings, squats, curls, military presses, rows, and my 10-minute abs in-between each of my 3-minutes of rowing. I am not flexible in my hips/back/shoulders, so I like to take pictures when I squat to make sure my form isn’t terrible. I have lots of room for improvement. 
This is one of my favorite core moves. I had paper plates under my feet and used my core to pull my feet into this position from a plank position. I did 2 rounds of 30. 
I ended my time at the gym with 20-minutes on the stair stepper. I hadn’t used that machine in years. Wow. It’s a good workout! 
Then it was home for breakfast with Jake! the roads were pretty slick here this morning and he slid on his run. He said he landed softly on his rear, so I’m thankful he didn’t hurt himself. We had casserole and a chia seed/quinoa waffle. 
I have a meeting later today, then I’m trying on wedding dresses with my Mom, my sister, Jake’s Mom, and his sister. I’m excited! It’s crazy to think that our wedding is just a little over 4 months away. <3 
I hope your Tuesday is wonderful!


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  1. Dayle

    I love Emily Giffin’s books – pretty sure I’ve read them all!
    Maybe we need to come up with a little exchange – I was thinking I could send you books, and you could send me Trader Joe’s seasonings! lol… what do you think!?
    I keep a lacrosse ball under my desk actually… I often forget it’s there but I have horrible feet, so sometimes it feels good to roll them out on the ball while I’m sitting here anyway.
    Have a wonderful day!

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