Work work work + whoops + pool running!

Throwback to November 2017 when Jacob rocked this sweet ‘stache. I love facial hair, but I wasn’t quite sold on the mustache. What do you think?

I had my second physical therapy appointment yesterday and I am sore from the work we did! No joke. She used this deep muscle stimulator on my legs and lower back. It sounds just like a power tool. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it can be uncomfortable while also being ticklish. I kept jerking when she would hit a reflex and/or a sore spot. What was so crazy was when I stood up after – I felt SO loose. My legs didn’t feel tight at all! She gave me some stretches to do for homework over the weekend, so I’m going to do those a few times each day. Oh, the most painful thing I had to do – walk sideways, with the arches of my feet on those heavy duty ropes that CrossFit uses for people to climb up…no idea what they’re actually called. I could’ve cried a couple of times. That was brutal.
Then it was home for yet another chicken and hummus wrap! I just can’t stop with these. Well, I guess I’m stopping today because I don’t have anymore chicken. Boo. Balsamic glaze is officially my new favorite condiment.

Guys. This wrap. I need more.

I was craving something sweet and I found this little treat in the fridge. YUM.
After lunch, I knocked out A TON of computer work, so that felt really good. I also had two interviews, back-to-back, in the early evening. When I was finally finished and opened the door to my office, someone was NOT happy. She sat like this and stared at me, growling occasionally, until I held her. She also brought her toy with her so I’d know I wasn’t doing a good job of playing with her. This girl is one sassy pup.
For dinner, we had leftover sweet potato chili and a salad. It was perfect for the gross weather we were having last night.

I remembered I had some of my favorite Mother’s beer in our garage fridge – I decided I needed one after dinner! This stuff is SO good.
We started watching an episode of Bloodline, but then Jake got called into work. Poor guy. I felt so bad for him because it was so nasty outside. But while he went to work, I knocked out another big portion of computer stuff! Lu napped next to me and Aspen napped in her chair. I think wearing these glasses helps whenever I’m looking at a screen – we will see as time goes on! So far, I haven’t had another bad headache, just smaller ones, so that’s an improvement!

Jake called and said he was on his way home right as I was finishing up my work – perfect timing! He asked if I needed anything…I had been CRAVING popcorn. I told him I didn’t NEED it, but that if HE wanted it, I wouldn’t be upset. HA! Look what he brought me! Now the embarrassing part, we ate the whole bag. I’m not joking. This is why I can’t keep snacks around! Oh well. It was delicious and we enjoyed it!

Thank you smooches for kettle corn! <3

I started my Friday with my first pool run! I really enjoyed it! It was different than I thought it would be – it took me a lot longer to get a mile in than I thought it would. My pace was slower than my walking pace, so that’s good to know. I also didn’t ever sprint, so maybe I can improve that time the more I pool run. I did a mile and a half of pool running, which took about 30 minutes. I did a variation of a fartlek workout – so I would “jog” for a minute or two, then pick up the pace for 30-45 seconds. I did that pretty much the whole time I was in the pool.

THIS Aqua Jogger is pretty sweet! I had never used one before this morning.

I swam a little after my pool run. And by a little, I mean A LITTLE. Swimming is hard. Mad props to those of you who can swim for more than 2 minutes at a time. I even did swim team when I was younger, not that that matters, but still. Swimming is just something I have to really work for. Is this a good look for me? Always the girl with too much crazy hair for swim caps. ; )

I spent a couple minutes in the sauna after my pool time. It was nice and warm! I was really not wanting to venture out into the cold…

I have a bunch of errands to run today, so I’m going to try and knock those out early! I also need to get YET another new phone. The one they sent me doesn’t hold a charge for longer than 2 hours. Ugh. I can’t decide if I want to get the new iPhone or not…we will see! We are going with a bunch of our friends to listen to some live music tonight, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! We don’t have big plans this weekend, Jake is on call, so we don’t usually plan stuff since he could be working. I’m going to go to TRX Saturday morning, but that’s about all I have planned. I might try and work ahead on some stuff…we will see!

What’re you up to this weekend? Anything fun?
Any pool running tips?
Any amazing swimmers out there? My Dad swam in college…SO impressed by that!

I hope your weekend is wonderful!!


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  1. Alyssa Marie

    I’m so jealous your gym has a pool! We have lots of different gyms near Little Rock…but only the most expensive ones have pools. Bummer!
    And those crossfit ropes=battle ropes 🙂

    • Chelsea

      I haven’t ever really taken advantage of the pool, so I’m glad I’m using it now! I won’t take it for granted.
      And THANK YOU!! I had no clue what they were called! 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  2. Lindsay

    I know this response is a week late .. BUT I am so glad you are getting into the pool. I started swimming again about a year and a half ago and the amount of speed I have been able to find during my road races has been insane. I mean I PR’d at a 20:12 for a 5k last year and I hope to get into the 19’s in the fall again when I shoot for my next round of PRs. You’ve got this!

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