A snow run + the biggest bag of Epsom Salt…

We prepped a bunch of steel-cut oats for breakfast this week – I topped mine with half a banana, peanut butter, honey, and walnuts. It was delicious! I also had two eggs with Sriracha, for good measure. I knew I would regret the Sriracha when I went on my run later, but sometimes ya just gotta blow caution to the wind! (Also, food always wins in my book…)
I checked the weather and it said it felt like 4 degrees…so I decided to wait a little bit and start once it warmed up. 11 degrees sounded a lot better than 4! 
Running in the snow is my all-time favorite thing and I missed out on some pretty sweet snow runs while I wasn’t running, so I was excited to run yesterday. There were a couple spots on the trail that didn’t have any foot prints but my own – I love that! Also, the reflection in my goodrs is so cool! Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I 100% regretted having Sriracha on my eggs. My acid reflux was pretty terrible because of it, I ended up only doing 2 miles. But that’s okay! It was nice to just get out and play in the snow. 
Then it was back home and time for lunch. I had the roasted veggies and chicken that we had prepped, plus Nut Thins. I topped my chicken with BBQ sauce. It was yummy. Jake left the garlic in these veggies really chunky and it turned out awesome. ​Also, sweet potatoes and asparagus are delicious together.
This is the biggest bag of Epsom Salt I have ever seen! We have both been taking Epsom Salt baths almost everyday for the past two weeks, so I decided to buy some in bulk. I love the scented kind, though, so I had to get some of my favorite smelling salts, too. I think we are good on this stuff for the next few weeks…at least I hope so!
I conducted my LAST two interviews yesterday!!! What an amazing feeling – I never thought that day would come. I might end up interviewing one more person, but I haven’t decided for sure about that yet. Now to start analyzing…

After my interviews, I ran a couple errands, then Jake and I went to HealthTracks. After we worked out, it was home to chow down. I hate eating late at night, but I had most of this prepped ahead of time, so that helped! We had salmon, quinoa, salad, and a broccoli and mushroom mixture. 

With Sriracha! One of the seasonings I used was HOT…I was on fire halfway through this meal. Lesson learned? Probably not. 
Then it was up at 4 to get a run in! Today is the first day of my new training plan – I dropped from the full to the half in the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll in April due to my hamstring stuff. I did 4 miles with Jake and Jyssica, then we did 5 15 second striders with 30 second recovery in-between. Overall, I felt pretty good! My hamstring was definitely tight on the striders, but nothing painful, so that was good! I think I could’ve worn a thicker outer layer…I was chilled most of our run and now I just can’t warm up! I’ll do an Epsom soak later, that should help.
Lots of post-run kisses from our littlest babe. 
Guess what?! NO interviews today, friends! I really did love conducting interviews, but it’s nice to be finished with them. I’m going to spend the day analyzing data, then I have a phone meeting with the head of my dissertation committee…fingers crossed it goes well! We haven’t talked in awhile, so I’m hoping I haven’t missed anything major. Tonight, we are going to dinner with my birth mom, Dawn, and her man, Mitch. We are really looking forward to seeing them! We always have a blast with them. 
Happy Tuesday!

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