The best sweet potato nachos + our Olympics plans + ALL the sleeping puppies!

I was starving after my run yesterday, so I had eggs and steel cut oats for breakfast. Plus some of the fresh-squeezed OJ from Lucky’s. It is SO good. 
I know I post a lot of sleeping dog pictures (I have a lot today…), but they’re just so cute and sweet!
I decided to clear all the records on my watch since I’m starting a new training cycle and coming back from not running. It was kind of hard to do! Anyone else always have to have a hair-tie on their wrist? I’ve been without one before when I needed it and it was awful! 
Then it was snack time – a cracker pepper turkey stick and some cereal. Weird combo, I know. 
More sleeping dog pictures – this is pretty much all they do during the day…
I worked on data analysis all morning, then I took a break for lunch. I had more of the chicken and roasted veggies. I added goat cheese to the veggies and that was quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made. I have a serious obsession with goat cheese…
I needed this after lunch. It’s an interesting flavor with the sage, but I like it!
I had Friends playing in the background as I worked – I got this notification about halfway through the day. Netflix is judgmental. 
The article that I’ve been working on forever was finally submitted! I got this email from the researcher I was co-authoring with. YAY! 
Then I needed another snack…leftover guac (not very pretty, but it still tasted great) and lentil chips. 
I worked some more, then had some Kombucha and carrots. I think I was taking snack breaks A LOT for a break from working…
Jake got home and we cleaned around the house a little bit. I needed to get up and do something because I was hitting a wall with working and my brain hurt from reading all day. After we cleaned up, I started on dinner. We were having sweet potato nachos with the leftover fajita stuff I had made the night before. I usually just bake the sweet potato slices, but I decided to cook them in the AirFryer first, then top them with everything and bake the whole mess of nachos. Another great decision! Here they are after being in the AirFryer for 20 minutes at 380. 
I spread them all out on a baking sheet. 
Then I topped the sweet potatoes with the leftover meat and veggies. 
Then I added cheese! Mozzarella and goat, because I can’t stop eating it. 
I baked all of that at 375 for about 15 minutes, I waited until the cheese was all melted. Here’s the finished product! 
Jake said his plate was prettier than mine (it was) so here’s his! 
Here’s my messy plate! I ate ALL of that – I was stuffed. 
Jake was pretty excited for dinner. 
Here’s a better picture. I put beets and onion in our salad, it was filling just in itself. 
The sunset was beautiful!
I have no idea how that can be comfortable…
We have a get-together for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight! I talked about this awhile ago, but a group of us drew countries out of a hat. For each major event, each person will host the get-together, while providing food and drinks from their country! Cassie is hosting tonight and she’s Germany. She also made this awesome score card for all of us to keep track of how our countries do – it’s going to be fun! I’m Austria, so if you know anything about Austria, holla at me! 
I’m finishing up my first round of data analysis today (I didn’t try to squeeze it all in yesterday), then I’m going to yoga, then we have our Olympics party! I also need to do some things for the classes I’m teaching and take care of a couple of other computer-related items. I’ll probably be on my computer all day, but that’s okay! We have long-ish runs in the morning, so we will see how that goes. We are supposed to get some pretty terrible weather, so I may be running inside. I get to do 7, so I’m looking forward to that! I think Jake has 9 or 10 – this is his down week. 

Other than that, I hope we are able to relax at home for a little bit and get our meal prep finished on Sunday. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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