Weekend Wrap-up + Happy Birthday to my Dad – check out these sweet throwback pictures!

On Friday morning, Facebook told me that Jake and I had visited 300 places together! I thought that was cool – here’s to 300 more!
As soon as these two eat in the morning, they’re back to sleeping. But before I feed them – watch out. They’re crazy! 
This never happens! I loved it. 
I headed to Health Tracks Friday morning. I took coffee with me in my mug again. I just need a lot of coffee. I must’ve been in a green mood. These pictures are before and after – a little sweaty in the after!
One reason I love blogging so much is that I have gotten to know SO many incredible people! I love getting to hear about what you’re doing and all the amazing plans you have. One of my readers, Lindsay, did a race a few weeks ago and they had pineapples everywhere! I LOVE pineapples. Look what she sent me! I was ecstatic. Thank you, Lindsay!! You’re so sweet! Thank you to all my readers for being so wonderful – I love you guys! 
Smoothie and cereal for lunch after Health Tracks. Mmm. 
I had a Skratch bar for a snack later on…they’re just SO good. 
A bunch of my girlfriends were going out for Katie’s birthday Friday night. I met up with Kallie for a glass of wine before we met everyone for dinner. We went to Queen City Wine Dive. 
Then we met everyone at Big Whiskey’s for dinner! I got the Santa Fe Veggie Wrap – it’s one of my favorites. 
Katie’s boyfriend’s name is Wes. His sister, also named Katey (just spelled differently), wrote Wesley’s BAE on her card. I think Katie loved it. 
The whole group! We had a blast! I really need to start bringing my selfie stick with me again…Jake LOVED when I would use it to take pictures. ; )
Katie’s birthday last year!
I woke up Saturday and got ready to meet Jake on the end of his run. It was pretty nice outside, so I rocked my compression socks from Pro Compression. It was kind of raining off and on, so I got to break in my new hat from Lindsay! 
Jake ran 25 and I joined him for 6. He was on call this weekend, so he couldn’t be very far from our house. Talk about dedication – he did a 2 mile loop around our house almost 13 times to get his miles in…HA! Check out my sweet rainy run hair. Such a disaster. 
Then it was back home for some recovery! This is the best stuff. It tastes SO good. Skratch is one of the brands that Jake and I get to rep for. We have always loved Skratch, so repping it is even more fun! You can check out their stuff HERE
I wanted to get 500-600 calories in Jake after his run. He had some dental work done last week and one of his temporaries came loose, so he was having trouble eating real food. He got a big recovery shake and I had a little one! 
I also made myself some eggs after I drank my shake. 
Jake finished his 25 miles feeling great! The loop we did was pretty hilly, so I was SO impressed with how he was doing. Especially after doing that dang thing 13 times…
While he stretched, I got some cuddles in with Lulu.
We dropped two of my girlfriends off at an event going on here in town, then we grabbed a quick lunch before meeting my Dad (Jake’s dentist) to glue his temporary back on. We shared a salad ad pizza from McSalty’s. We asked for light cheese, but I think they forgot, haha! Oh well! It was delicious! 
Then we met my Dad at his office! It took 2 minutes to get Jake all fixed up, then my Dad showed us all the pictures from Jake’s procedure…holy cow. Ouch. 
Jake got called into work right as we were leaving my Dad’s office, so he dropped me off at home and headed to work. I did some work on editing, but was having a hard time concentrating. I didn’t get as much finished as I was hoping, but that’s okay. I think I needed a little brain break. 

Jake got home from work and we made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! We made fancy grilled cheese with goat cheese, spinach, and mushroom – Jake added bleu cheese to his, too. They were delicious! I HAVE to have ketchup with a grilled cheese. Anyone else feel that way?

We relaxed on the couch and watched a movie, which hardly ever happens! 
As we were going to bed, Jake got called back into work. He came home around 12:15, and got called back out at 12:45. He worked ALL night and didn’t get home until 9 am on Sunday. Poor guy. He was SO worn out. I got up Sunday and made breakfast. Spinach, eggs, and a rice cake with PB. Then I got started on some more edits. I think the most challenging thing about my dissertation right now is that I’m not really finishing anything. Everything is still considered a draft, so I don’t get any satisfaction out of being completely finished. I know I’m making progress, but I love to be FINISHED with things. I think until I have some final drafts, I’m going to kind of feel like I’m in limbo. If that makes sense…
I took a brain break to go to the grocery store and start on some Superhero Muffins from Run Fast. Eat Slow. These have zucchini, carrot, walnuts, and chocolate in them. SO yummy.
I did some more work, then made lunch. I needed to still run today, so I didn’t put Sriracha on anything. That tuna was SO good. I just cooked with with a little butter, coconut aminos, Primal Palate seasoning, and sesame seeds. YUM. i also sautéed some beet noodles. 
Jake caught up on sleep most of the morning/afternoon. I tried to get him to go sleep in bed, but he refused. I wasn’t exactly quiet while I was cooking…good thing he can sleep through anything! Think the girls missed him?? 
Aspen cuddled and slept with Jake the entire time he napped. 
I worked that whole time, but I finally needed a brain break, so I headed out for a short run. I guess I was landing on my toes, see the bottom of the right picture. This app connects to my headphones. It told me that exact thing that you see typed there. It’s pretty cool! 
I’ve been really working on learning forward a little bit more on my runs. It definitely helps my hamstring! I have had ZERO pain! 
My stomach was a little upset, probably from eating two meals before I ran, so I had some crystalized ginger when I got home. This stuff really helps settle an upset stomach! 
For dinner, we grabbed Galloway to go and took it home. I had their veggie burger, which is one of my favorites! Jake got a chili dog. He loved it!
Today is my Dad’s Birthday!! Here are some fun throwbacks! Happy Birthday, Daddy!! I love you! 
I’m headed to yoga, then it’s more edit work! We have dinner tonight for my Dad’s birthday, so that will be fun!
Happy Monday, friends!

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