Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday morning breakfast = more eggs, bacon, and Superhero muffins from Run Fast. Eat Slow. I like my bacon suuuper crispy. It looks burnt here, but it was just the perfect amount of crisp. 
I worked for a little bit after breakfast before I went to HealthTracks – Lu needed attention. 
My hamstring was a little sore when I started doing some single leg lifting, so we switched my workout around for the day and that helped a lot! I also had a long run Saturday, so we didn’t want my legs to be sore for that. I love that HealthTracks is so individualized to what each person needs! I needed to run some errands after I worked out, so I snacked on this Skratch while I ran around. These are SO good. They taste like a dang candy bar. 
Then it was home for a late lunch – more smoothie action!
I worked a little bit more, then took a snack break. A rice cake, carrots, some crystalized ginger, and a cup of tea. 
Jake and I had a date night Friday when he got home from work – it was so nice outside that I wore open-toed shoes!! That was exciting. 
I am a big fan of lip stain – this is Kat Von D Everlasting. I have THIS color. I love it! It stays on SO well and doesn’t smudge. Also, when I wear my hair curly for the first time after having it straight, it gets CRAZY. Anyone else with curly hair have this problem? It’s like my hair is confused on what I want it to do and it just goes bonkers. 
Lu really wanted to be held the whole time we were home. She jumps around on her hind legs like this, trying to get my attention. 
We went to Metro for dinner! They have the best calamari and the rolls they bring out are incredible. 
Jake had a steak, topped with mushrooms and onions. It was incredible. 
I had the most delicious salad and ate some of Jake’s steak. It was a wonderful dinner!
After dinner, Jake’s parents called to see what we were doing, so we went over to their house to hang out and have a couple of drinks. 
Saturday morning started with a run with my gals and Jake! It was a blast. None of us really felt like running, but we motivated each other and ended up having a great run! We just talked the whole time, which made the miles fly by. Plus, the weather was perfect!
Kayla needed 5, so we did a loop where we dropped her off to end right at that mileage. The rest of us needed 8, so we did a bigger loop to add on those miles. I loved what the girls called their runs! <3
After our run, Jake and I headed to Vespa for breakfast. We got the Bloody Mary bar – how amazing do these look?! They had SO much bacon to choose from. I was in heaven. 
Jake had something called the Volcano – it was delicious and he loved it. 
I had my usual eggs benedict – it was incredible, as always. 
After breakfast, we headed to Lowe’s to pick up some different things. I had to make the very difficult decision between these two colors to cover our sliding glass doors – we went with red. We need to go back and get another curtain, but I’ll post a picture once we get everything hung up! I love it! We used this really pretty wooden curtain rod, which I think looks amazing. 
Earlier, right after our runs, we were all sitting around our kitchen table talking when the doorbell rang – it was UPS and they dropped off our ambassador goodies from Ames Adventure Outfitters. Through this company, we rep 8 companies: Rab, Mystery Ranch, Meridian Line, Altra, Skratch, Julbo, HydraPak, and Snowline. It’s the BEST. Below is just some of the stuff they sent us! We also got a bunch of Skratch nutrition mixes. Jake used Skratch throughout his entire hundred. It works! We both love it. We were pretty pumped about our new gear!
We also got our Julbo goggles! It’s hard to take a good picture of goggles, but they are sweet!
After we worked around the house a little bit, we hopped on our bikes and rode down to a new BBQ food truck – it was delicious! BBQ nachos are my weakness. And these were amazing. 
After lunch, we met some friends at Galloway for a drink, then we met up with two other couples for dinner. Neither of us was all that hungry from our big lunch, so we got Reuben Rolls and wings to snack on. 
Jake left early on Sunday to do some trail work and I relaxed at home! I went to the grocery store right as it opened, so I was one of the only people there – that was SO nice. I need to do that every week. After I got groceries, I came home and ate breakfast, then got started on meal prep for the week. 
Veggie breakfast casserole and sweet potatoes for Jake’s lunches. 
Jake can’t bite using his front teeth since he still has temporaries, so I made bite-size wraps for him for lunch. I think these will be SUPER good. They have cream cheese, his leftover steak from Friday night, a turkey slice, a ham slice, and spinach. 
Here’s the breakfast casserole, all ready to go !
Then I did all the laundry and organized our junk drawer. I know it doesn’t really look all that cleaned up, but it is! 
I had a Go Girl fun run at 3 PM, and I didn’t feel like working on my dissertation for an hour, so I sat down and finally started my new book – holy cow it’s good! And so perfect to read before I start a training cycle. A quote that I loved, “One cannot improve as an endurance athlete except by changing one’s relationship with perception fo effort.” I think that is applicable to anything in life! I liked this one, too, “The muscles can only perform to the degree that the mind is able to cope.” Remember how one of my goals for this half is to work on my mental toughness? These need to be my mantras! 
I realized I forgot to eat lunch, which never happens, so I snacked on some cereal since I was getting ready to go run. 
I wore my new Altra shirt and I am OBSESSED. It fits perfectly and it SO comfortable. I’m ordering every other color of this shirt today. It also matched my Torin IQs, which I was pretty excited about. 
Jordan joined me for my 4 miles yesterday! I am SO happy she’s moving back to town – our little running group is so fun! 
I know this is a little faster than I’m supposed to be doing, but man it felt good. I’m meeting with my coach today to get lunch and make the next few weeks of my plan. I get to start adding in some speed stuff! I can’t wait. 
Then we grabbed some food at Galloway! I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I was starving. This salad is one of my favorites. 
Then we went home and I took an Epsom bath and lounged in my robe. 
Jake wasn’t hungry at Galloway, but he picked up a pizza later, so I stole a piece. Then I finished off our chocolate peanut butter…
Jake and I watched Beer Fest last night – HA! I forgot how dumb that movie was…there are some funny parts, but I don’t know that I need to see it again. I hadn’t seen it since high school. 
I meet with my coach later, then i’m going to yoga! I am going to spend the rest of the day working on chapter 5. I didn’t sleep well at all last night, so I’m definitely dragging a little today. I’m about to chug coffee and get started! 
Happy Monday, friends!

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