Yummy food + take that, Chapter 5!

I saw this the other day and saved it. I’m totally guilty of letting something small upset my whole day. I saved this on my phone so I can look at it as a reminder now to let little things ruin an entirely perfect day. 
I was craving salad yesterday, so I made this huge one for lunch. I topped it with bacon, ham, banana peppers, onion, goat cheese, and sunflower seeds. It was amazing. 
One of my brain breaks was to make Jake’s lunches for the week. He wanted stir-fry bowls, so I cooked chicken and veggies and put them on top of a rice/quinoa mixture. He leaves Thursday for his 3 days of racing in Arkansas, so send him lots of positive vibes this week! He woke up today feeling kind of sick, so fingers crossed he can kick whatever that is!
This used to be one of my favorite snacks. I completely forgot about it! Plain Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, almond butter, rolled oats, and a little honey. It’s SO yummy. It’s especially perfect in the summer. 
I worked all morning – I got so much finished that I started on some stuff that was on my Thursday to-do list! Lu was pretty ecstatic when I decided to lounge on the couch and watch an episode of New Girl with her. 
I made fish tacos for dinner out of Run Fast. Eat Slow. They had a mango avocado salsa on top. It was super simple to make and so good! 
Our taco toppings!
My plate of deliciousness. 
Jake’s plate. He said these were some of the best fish tacos he’s ever had. 
A close-up after I added Sriracha. Mmm. 
Chapter 5 = FINISHED!!! I still have TONS of work ahead of me with edits and adding research and different things like that, but I have words on a page. Thank goodness. 152 pages total for chapters 1 – 5. I still need to add information to each chapter and put together my appendices, but I’m getting closer. It feels SO good to have everything written. Now the frustrating part – waiting on everyone else to do things in a timely manner…
I had been working ALL day and was in sweats, but Jake insisted on taking me out for a celebratory beer. So this is how we ended our night, at one of our favorite places!
I’m going to knock out more work today – lots of editing and grading, but I’m also getting a facial this afternoon! The woman who did my microblading suggested a chemical facial since I’ve been breaking out from stress lately – I’ll let you know how it goes! I think I’ve had one facial in my whole life. I’m holding off on running until Thursday, but I will stretch and do some abs/arms later today. 
Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Rebecca Sudja

    I found your blog recently (no idea how)… other then I am a Midwestern trail runner :)… Maybe when I was looking for race reports about Dogwood Canyon??? Anyway, my BRF’s and I will be at Syllamo as well! My second year… and NOT running all three days. 1st and 3rd for me!

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Rebecca!!
      Oh, that is SO fun! I wish I was going to be there so I could cheer you guys on! Best of luck to you!
      Did you run all 3 days the last time you did Syllamo?
      I hope you have a great day!!

      • Rebecca

        Next year… the goal is all three days :). Big goals for 2019! My first year I just ran the last day…

      • Chelsea

        That is still SO awesome!! I’d love to do one day next year…maybe I’ll make it down there!
        Best of luck to you this weekend!!!

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