Ambassador love + MY progress + this game is fun!

I haven’t been loving the veggies I prepped for breakfast this week. We both kind of struggled to eat them yesterday. I’m going to do something different with them the rest of the week…stay tuned. 
I went to Health Tracks yesterday. I talked with the trainers there a little about my hamstring and I backed off on some of the weight and moves I was supposed to do – anything single-legged I am not doing right now. There’s a fine line between me strengthening these muscles and over doing it. I’m trying to be cautious because I want to get to the starting line of Nashville healthy! I am obsessed with this new Rab puffy I got. It’s so comfortable. I have worn it every day for the past two weeks…
I was STARVING after Health Tracks, so I came home and had the same lunch I’ve been having all week. I’m not sick of it yet! I think it’s the goat cheese…I just can’t get enough. 
Our parents are watching our girls while we are in OKC this weekend, so I stopped by the pet store to get them some more food. I saw these treats and grabbed them, too. 
The girls LOVED them. Aspen is mid-chew in this picture. HA!
I got SO much done yesterday. I cleaned the house whenever I needed a brain break. I jammed out to these sweet tunes while cleaning. I love 90’s music. 
Lu was passed out on our bed, so I snuck in for some cuddles. 
Aspen decided to join us! 
Then it was snack time and a little more computer work. I am seriously obsessed with these protein balls. THIS recipe is pretty similar to what I did. I added in almond butter and coconut flakes, too. 
A LONG time ago I mentioned that I want to do a handstand. Well, I am AWFUL at anything involving balance. So, I started with some basics. This was major progress for me! I’ll get there one day…it’s just going to take some dedication. 
Aaaand another snack attack. Anyone else LOVE popcorn? It’s one of my favorite treats. Sharing size? Um, no. ; )
My stomach was a little upset, so I had some ginger. I’m sad this container is almost gone. It’s lasted us quite awhile!
It was so nice outside, so when Jake got home from work, we played with the girls in the backyard for about an hour. They loved it. 
The company (Ames Adventure Outfitters) that Jake and I rep for has the coolest brands. Here’s my Rab jacket again – I wasn’t kidding when I said I wear it ALL the time. And that hot pink koozie was one of my ambassador gifts. I love it! 
Dinner was spaghetti squash with salmon sausage, and pesto. It turned out super yummy! 
I needed Sriracha. 
After dinner, Jake and I went to grab a beer at 4 By 4. We played Mancala while we were there. I had never played it before and I really enjoyed it! 
I got up and ran with Kayla this morning! It was so nice to get an early run in again. It’s been awhile since I ran at 5 AM. We both thought it was going to feel much colder than it actually was – we were so ready to take our dang gloves off. We also have matching mace, which I love. 
We got 5 hilly miles in this morning! I didn’t wear my knee brace and I didn’t have ANY knee or hamstring pain. Fingers crossed!
Breakfast this morning was SO much better – I cooked the veggies with eggs, added garlic and a little cheese, then put the mixture in a tortilla. So. Yummy. 
I need to do laundry, pack, and knock out a phone conference with my dissertation committee chair today. I’m glad I got the house cleaned yesterday! That felt SO good. I’m worn out from my run this morning…I have really missed early morning runs! 
Happy Friday Eve!!


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  1. Lindsay

    Gosh, I loved the look of that jacket BUT then I went and looked and the price and my jaw dropped. I am unfortunately not quite on your outdoor gear budget. I also don’t think I will ever get any sponsorship from any type of companies so unless I get a rab jacket as a gift its unlikely I will ever get one. 🙁
    Do you have recommendations on any budget friendly running gear??

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