Weekend Wrap-up!

Breakfast Friday = more sautéed veggies, two eggs, and toast with jelly. I am loving sautéed spinach right now. It’s crazy how much you put into the pan and how little comes out after it’s cooked. It cooks down so small. I’m fascinated by the weirdest things I guess…
You can’t really see much difference, but the picture on the left is when I first put these on and the one on the right is after I worked out in them. I wasn’t sure about these at first, but man, they are comfortable! They definitely settled and fit my feet after wearing them for awhile. I absolutely loved this pair! I also LOVE no-show socks, so these are going to be my go-to socks for awhile! 
This song popped up on my Spotify while I was driving around on Friday. I had forgotten about it! Don’t you love when songs you had forgotten about appear out of nowhere? I sure do. 
Race photos aren’t always flattering. Oh well! Here are some from the OKC Go Girl. I think I was dying at this point – these were taken within the last mile. I loved that race! I need to work on my form when I’m hurting…
I got my car washed on Friday – it finally stopped raining for a little bit. Thank goodness! The car wash stopped while I was in the middle of it. I think they meant for it happen, but it was a little scary! It was only off for about a minute, but I was trying to figure out what I was going to do if it didn’t come back on…I had an entire escape plan ready to go. 
Lunch was a leftover turkey burger and MORE sautéed spinach! I told you, I can’t get enough. 
After lunch, I needed a cookie and a protein ball. 
Jake got home from work and we headed to dinner! We were pretty excited it was FRIDAY!
We went to Galloway. I had a Moscow Mule. It was DELICIOUS.  
We also went a little dirty and shared some queso…my stomach wasn’t super happy the next two days, but it tasted amazing. 
Okay, I did it!!!! I signed up for a marathon. It’s happening. For new readers, I was supposed to run a full in Nashville this month, but I’ve been battling a hamstring issue for about 10 months or so. I didn’t want it to turn into something serious, so I dropped out of the full and am doing the half. BUT, this marathon WILL happen. The Bass Pro half was my very first half when I was 22. I love that the same race will be my full! Also, check out that name change. <3 
My girls are always encouraging!
The moon was super cool on our drive home. 
Up early for a 10-miler with two of my favorite girls! (And Jake). 
Our run was HARD. We were all struggling. Mentally and physically. I’m glad we ran together because I don’t know if I would’ve knocked out the whole thing on my own. I had a pretty hard time. But, we did it! And it was Kayla’s first ever double-digit run!!! I’m so dang proud of her. 
After our run, Jake and I headed to Brew Co with his parents for brunch. Jake and I split the complimentary biscuits and gravy that Mug Club members can get. They’re always delicious. 
I also had all this. Lots of carbs! 
Aaaaaand Sriracha. <3 
My handsome groom-to-be just taking a little nap. 
Later in the day, Kayla and I went to Fleet Feet. They have pineapple pants!!! I need these. I’m going to have to go back and get a pair! 
Then we went to get our nails done! They gave us a tiny glass of wine while we waited. 
For dinner Saturday, we had a double date with our friends Kallie and Jeremy. We went to Kai and ate ALL the sushi. It was incredible. 
Almost two years ago, Jake carved our initials into a table at Skinny Slim’s. I get super excited every time we go. And for those concerned, this is a thing people do there! So we aren’t in trouble or anything. ; )
I sure do love these people. We had such an awesome night together!
Kal and I had a BLAST beating the boys OVER AND OVER AGAIN in Jenga. We literally beat them like 8 times. It was amazing. 
I went to the grocery store early Sunday morning. I found these juices! I can’t wait to try them. 
We didn’t want to ruin our appetites before Easter brunch, but we weren’t eating until 1 and we were both hungry. We had this as a snack after we woke up. Rice cake, PB, and honey. 
We went to Highland Springs with my family for brunch on Easter. They always have the BEST brunch buffet. I eat WAY too much. I started with the salad buffet – check out this deliciousness. 
Then I moved onto the breakfast/lunch buffet. I ate ALL of this. It was SO good. 
Happy Easter from my family to yours! 
After brunch yesterday, we went home and relaxed for a little bit, then we headed to Jake’s parents’ house for dinner! We had all this deliciousness. It was amazing. 
Jake’s Grandma makes the BEST desserts. This brownie was incredible. 
Jake’s sister, Chelsea, took this and sent it to me. So. Cute. We call her Chelsea #1 or just #1 and I’m Chelsea #2 or just #2…which makes me think they’re all calling me something else…it makes me laugh!
Up early Monday to run with Jordan! I made a new route with a lot of turns, so I wrote the beginning name of the roads on my hand. It didn’t work, we still got a little turned around…
We planned on running 5 miles together, but ended up with almost 6. I’m glad Jordan is such a good sport and wasn’t mad about me missing one of our turns! 
I wore my Torin IQs, which tell me cadence, foot strike, and all kinds of other data. I love them!
Here’s our run!
This popped up on my Timehop. I miss making anchor charts!
Lots or work, meal prep, and laundry today! I may hit up the yoga studio later – I need to!
Happy Monday!

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