Happy 2 years + LAST Go Girl + I need your input!!!

Breakfast at home yesterday before I went to the library to work for most of the morning!
My view at the library. I spent about 3 hours working on different things – it was very productive! Sometimes it helps to just get out of the house. 
I’m heading out of town this morning (Friday). Kayla, one the girls going with me, and I both have a long run on Saturday. Check out where we get to run!! We will run around the lake and explore! We both have 11 miles, so we have a lot of ground to cover while we look around. 
I liked being productive, but this is how I felt at the end of 3 hours of library time. I was crashing around noon, so I decided to call it quits! I ran a couple of errands then went home for lunch. 
Loooove this song. 
LUNCH. Frank’s chicken, spinach, and Nut Thins. Mmm. 
Stocked up on some goodies at the grocery store. All. The. Chocolate. 
Jake got home from work and we headed to Galloway to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! I had a delicious 3 Blind Mice while we waited on dinner. 
I was craving a burger and Jake was craving the BLT. As we both ordered, we realized we wanted what the other person ordered…
This is how I know Jake and I are meant to be. SHARING. I think this ends up happening about 80% of the time for us. The best of both worlds! Burger AND BLT! I only stole one french fry…
Happy ALMOST 2 years!! <3 
Get your dissertation, they said. It’ll be fun, they said…
Sometimes I take pictures in front of this canvas and pretend I’m in the mountains. Is that weird? You can say yes. 
I converted another!!! These Nut Thins are seriously SO delicious. 
This was SO yummy. I got one for me and one for Jake…he got called out to work and I was SO tempted to inhale his, too…I didn’t! Don’t judge me. ; )
I got this email from a student last night. HA! I share pictures a lot in my online classes, just to build relationships with students, and I shared about my love for Justin’s PB cups. I love that this student likes them, too! 
Happy TWO years, Jacob Ray!! We need to go to to another JJ Grey and Mofro concert. ASAP. 
LAST Go Girl fun run on Sunday, April 8th! We will meet at The Pitch on Sunshine (2924 E Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65804). You can run 1, 2, or 3 miles – whatever pace you would like! Bryan, the owner of The Pitch, is going to have a special happy hour just for us!! How awesome is that?! Come join us for the LAST fun run – race day is Sunday, April 14th!
I want your input! I am going to post once a week starting next week. If I don’t love it, I will come back to posting every day!
What day would you like to see a post on?? Wednesday? Friday? Something else? Let me know!!
I am finishing up my packing, taking Lu to my parents, and hitting the road with my girls! Jake is headed to St. Louis to put on an Altra demo at a trail race. It’s a busy weekend for us! 
Happy Friday!


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  1. Lindsay

    Chocolate, yum! Funny thing this morning … I was running with one of my running buddies and we were talking and out of the blue I go “Well, I LOVE chocolate and NEED some right now!!” Welp I didn’t get my chocolate at 6 am BUT fortunately I have the rest of the day to get in my chocolate. 😉
    I am so sad that you are considering stopping your daily posts because honestly I love following along with your current training. I know we’re both in similar spots with injuries and being able to have some support from afar is so freaking awesome. I hope you have a great weekend trip. Please make sure to make a post about that trip VERY soon!

  2. Wendy

    I enjoy your blog because your productivity encourages me to also stay productive as I am combining several different elements in my life right now post grad school – building a business, working in my industry, and raising kids. Oh – and training! I don’t have a preference on what day you would post but I do read your blog 😉 . Xx

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