Weekend Wrap-up: Nashville Style!

Dinner on Thursday before we left for Nashville. Salmon and sweet potatoes. So yummy!
We stayed at Kayla’s parents’ Thursday night. We got to sleep in this massive bed. It was so comfy!
We grabbed brunch on the road. Jake and I shared an amazing wrap and a BBQ sandwich, which had an egg on it. They were both SO good.
This was in the bathroom at the restaurant – I loved it! 
Homemade trail mix for the win. I get so bored in the car, so I try to bring healthy snacks. 
Jake and Wade matched…Kayla and I kept getting them confused. 
My friend, Tracie, tagged me in this over the weekend – it made me laugh super hard. It’s SO true!
Then it was time to check in for our races!
Our names showed up on this screen as we exited – we all got so excited about it. 
After we checked in, we headed to our house for the weekend. I loved the welcome rug!
Kayla and I headed out for an easy 2-mile shake-out run. We definitely needed it after being in the car all day. 
While we were out running, the guys picked up dinner for us! We had super delicious salads and pastas from Nicoletta’s. 
I always have a beer the night before a race. It’s my good luck drink! This brown ale was super good. 
After dinner, I took a little Epsom salt soak. 
Then laid out all my gear for the morning!
I loved this mirror in our bedroom.
And the super high ceilings throughout the whole house. 
We all slept SUPER well, which made me happy. I got up about 4:30 and laid in bed, sipping on coffee out of this mug while I woke up. 
I wear this pair of Feetures for just about every race. Does anyone else have an article of clothing they always wear to race in??
The guys dropped us girls off near the start line. There were SO many people. I think there were 40,000 some bibs sold for this race. We walked around, trying to find open port-a-potties and our different corrals. We dropped Jyss off at her corral for the full, then Kayla, our friend Ty, and I found our corral for the half. 
We were SO ready!! 
Jake coached Kayla throughout her entire training cycle – he was so excited to watch her run. 
I couldn’t have survived the past 10-ish months of this dang hammy injury without this handsome guy. 
I’m not going to lie to you – this was one of the hardest races I’ve ever done. My main goal was to just get to the start line healthy, which I did and I was so ecstatic to be running. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shoot for a PR or not, since I was coming off of an injury and hadn’t trained all that well. I looked up my last half PR, just to get a pace in mind. My last PR was an 8:21 pace. I told everyone the night before the race that if I felt like I could pull off an 8:15-8:20 pace, I was going to try. But if I started to hurt at all, I would pull back and just enjoy the fact that I was getting to run. I felt SUPER good at the start, so I pushed it a little bit. About mile 4, I started to get tired, but I wasn’t going to slow down. I had decided to suck it up and try for a PR. Here are my splits. The last few miles were crazy hard for me. Everything hurt. But my hamstring didn’t hurt EVER! Not even once. I was so happy. 
The race course was long, so I didn’t PR based on the course, but my pace was 8:16, so I’m going to call it a PR. 
Starva said it was a PR half, so i’m going with it!
Like I said, it was super hard. HA! This race definitely tested my mental toughness. About mile 8, I wanted to quit. Bad. I was so tempted to walk, but I kept telling myself I would be upset when I crossed the finish line since I was so close to PRing. 
Jake took these pictures about mile 8 or 9, I think. I’m in the right lane, pink shorts. As soon as I passed the bridge everyone was standing on, I immediately regretted yelling and waving at them because I couldn’t catch my breath!
I was pretty dang glad to be finished. Jake took this picture of me right after I crossed the finish line. 
This girl finished her first half-marathon!!! I am so proud of her. She battled massive hills and some pretty hot temperatures. She met her goal time of finishing sub 2:15:00, too! We were so glad to be finished. We kept thinking about Jyss, who was still out there running the full. The half and the full ran together for the first 12 miles. Where we split, the full went into a HUGE incline. I don’t know how Jyss did it, other than the fact that she’s incredible. 
I was STARVING. These lobster rolls were calling my name. 
Jake and I shared a lobster roll and lobster tacos. 
Look at that marathoner!!!!! Jyssica KILLED her race. She finished sub 4 hours and looked amazing as she crossed the finish line. SO proud of her!
It felt so good to just sit. We shared our Skratch with everyone. Because it’s the best stuff ever. 
So glad I get to call these girl bosses my friends!
Jyss snapped this picture of us walking back to the car. 
Then it was time for the BEST pizza I’ve ever had. We went to Mellow Mushroom and chowed down. 
Also, these wings were the bomb. I could not stop eating!
My Mom sent me this picture of Lulu getting a bath after playing in their backyard. It made me smile. 
When you bring cute shoes to wear out, but your toes are sore, so you rock your flippy floppies out on the town…
After everyone showered, we hit the town to explore Nashville! 
Biggest let down of the weekend – dinner Saturday night. I ordered nachos and they were awful. Fried chicken?! No thanks. I was super bummed. I think I ate maybe 3 bites. 
My watch said my training was “Overreaching”…I’ve never seen that before!
We got up Sunday morning and headed out to find a brunch place. We sat outside and had drinks while we waited for our table. We ate at Marchè and it was delicious!
I ate ALL of this – minus the piece of French Toast that I gave to Kayla. It was so good. 
After we hit the road, we stopped to get gas and I needed a hot dog…it was so good.
We got back into town and of course went to Galloway for dinner. We had been gone for too long! ; )
I was so happy to be home with my girls. I think they missed us…
Sometimes Jake will add things to my grocery list. And sometimes he likes to make up the spelling. Any guess what he needs? He’s a mess. 
I’m getting caught up on all the things today! Laundry, meal prep, emails, and then working on some more edits. I’m ready for a couple days at home. 
Happy Monday, friends!

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