Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday was a busy day with lots of computer work and a couple of meetings. I took a little break in-between it all to have lunch, which was all of our leftovers thrown into a tortilla. It was pretty good! I love going on vacation, but I always feel a little crazy when we get home trying to get back into my routine and get caught up on stuff. 
This little princess was still worn out from being at the kennel while we were gone. 
Lu loves to give wet willies. It always catches me off guard. 
I usually only buy dresses if they have pockets. And I always say this. Anyone else out there a pocket lover?
Jake and I had a meeting to go over some reception stuff Friday evening, then we went to dinner! We went to Social, which used to be CB Social. Our food was really good, but something did not sit well in our stomachs the entire next day. 
We shared ribs, brussels, and a spicy chicken dish. I think it was probably just the fried food, but we were both miserable on our run Saturday morning. 
After dinner, we headed to 4 By 4 to check out their new patio area. How amazing is this?! It is seriously the cutest space ever. I love how open it is and they hung up the cutest twinkle lights. If you’re in the area, definitely go check it out! Their beer is delicious, too. 
They had a new Moscow Mule Blonde Ale – it was SO good. Super light and refreshing. 
Then it was home and time for bed! Aspen did not want to go to bed. I tired to cover her up with her blanket and she just stared at me like this. 
We got up Saturday morning and headed to Two Rivers! Jake rode his bike there and got 22ish miles in, then he ran with Jordan and me. I rocked my new Springfield FitLife tank – thank you, Springfield FitLife!! I love it! I hadn’t ran trail here in town since last November, so I was excited to get some trail miles in. I don’t like to wear my running shoes in the car, so I usually rock my slides until we get to wherever we are running. Anyone else do that?? 
Jake finished up his ride about 5 minutes after we pulled in! I was proud of him for riding to meet us to run. He’s impressive! 
We were ready for some trail miles!! It was crazy humid Saturday morning. Luckily, it cooled off around mile 3. The beginning of our run was not fun because it was so sticky hot. 
Nothing tastes as good as Skratch after a hot trail run. 
After our run, we all got cleaned up, then met for breakfast at Vespa. Jordan’s boyfriend, Trevor, had done a long bike ride that morning, so we were all starving!
Yeah, I loved mine…Vespa’s Eggs Benedict is outstanding.
I got a new Nalgene since I left mine in KC after my bachelorette party. I got this cute insert for it since it’s a wide mouth bottle. I love it! I makes drinking out of it, especially in the car, a million times easier. 
For dinner Saturday night, we grilled! Jordan and Trevor came over to eat with us. 
Jake made amazing turkey burgers. They were SO good. 
My plate (and belly) were very happy!
After dinner, we met up with some other friends at Creekside. I hadn’t seen my girlfriends since we got married, so I was pretty excited about seeing them…as documented in this photo. HA!
Shaun Munday was playing outside, so we enjoyed listening to him. The guys all sat in the creek while they listened. 
Sunday morning, Jake and I headed out for a run. It was hot, but there was a nice breeze. We got 8 miles in together!
I was STARVING on our entire run, so all I wanted to do when we got home was eat. I made avocado toast and we chowed down. 
After breakfast, we loaded up the paddle boards and some lake stuff and hit the road!
Jake and I both love Which Wich, but all of the ones in town closed awhile ago. Well, they finally opened one back up!! We were pumped. We grabbed sandwiches on our way out of town. I had the black bean patty sandwich. Mmmm. 
I love our paddle boards!! It was the PERFECT day to be out on the water. 
Kindal, Michael, Scottie, and Brandi met us in the cove we were in, so that was super fun! We eventually all tied up to the Planks boat and just floated in the water. It was the perfect lake day!
After we finished up on the water, we changed in the car, and met Jake’s family at Papouli’s. It’s an amazing restaurant in Reeds Spring, which is pretty close to the lake we were on. We didn’t want to drive all the way home and then back to the same area, so changing in the car was perfect! 

I had never been to Papouli’s before, but everyone told me to get a margarita, so I did! Holy cow. Look how big that is! It’s both glasses! It was delicious. 

We ordered the flaming cheese appetizer, which was super good. 
Jake and I shared salads and a combination plate, which had all kinds of amazing stuff on it. 
We ended the evening with this delicious cake. 
Jake and his Dad are just alike…Jake ALWAYS does this when I ask him to take a picture. ; )
The birthday girl!! 
It was a wonderful weekend full of fun. I have a couple more weeks before I start marathon training, so I’m going to live it up until then! ; ) Jake and I don’t really change a lot when we train, but I will definitely want to start going to bed earlier and I’ll go back to being stricter with my diet since I don’t love running with an upset stomach. We don’t ever cut anything completely out of our diet, unless it’s for a reason – for me, that’s dairy (most of it) and fried food, since they make my stomach super angry. But I’m a huge believer in “Everything in moderation”! You just have to find what works for you. : )

​I’m headed to a barre class then it’s time to meal prep! 

Happy Monday!


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  1. Kylie

    Totally agree on the pockets! Dresses that have pockets are the best and it is always the first thing I say if someone compliments my dress!

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