New shoes + double date night!

I broke out my new running shoes for yesterday’s run! I had about 425 (425.6 to be exact) miles on my other pair of Torins. Another feature that I love about Strava is that it keeps track of your mileage on each shoe! You can even program Strava to email you when you reach a certain mileage. I love Torins, so that’s what I’ll be running in again for most of my runs. I like to switch it up and run in the Escalante and the Torin IQs – these are all by Altra. Check them out HERE
Jake and I ran 5 miles together, then I ran another mile with the girls. They LOVED it. I need to try and do this more often. They both really love to run. Breakfast after was another egg and veggie scramble, turkey bacon, and toast with jam. 
Our good friends, the Culvers, gave us this adorable pineapple for our wedding. I LOVE it. I also thought I could put candy in it and not eat the candy. Man, I was WRONG. I love Tootsie Rolls. A lot. I can’t stop eating these. 
I couldn’t find Aspen – finally found her in her kennel, laying in the sun. 
I worked all morning on edits, then I took a snack break and folded laundry. I hadn’t had a rice cake in forever. 
I worked again until lunch time. I had chicken, veggies, and a leftover cowboy griller from or Father’s Day BBQ on Sunday. 
The lazy girl’s guide to garage sale-ing…My Mom is having a garage sale Friday and Saturday (if you’re in the area, let me know if you want to go! She always has the best ones.) We aren’t marking things, just organizing them based on price. I need to get rid of more stuff, but this was a pretty good start.  
Going through your clothes can make a person super hungry. ; ) I had another snack break – Siete tortilla chips, carrots, and hummus. 
I also made a cup of tea to get me through the afternoon. I mixed two teas – dandelion and green tea. It was pretty good!
For dinner last night, we had a double date with Scottie and Brandi at Lavender Falls Farm! It was SO adorable. I failed to get more pictures, my allergies were awful and I thought my eyes were going to fall out of my head, but I definitely want to go back to explore a little bit more. 
I’m trying not to eat a ton of dairy (mostly just cheese/yogurt), so we got the hummus board and the prosciutto-wrap board since I could eat the pieces without dairy and the hummus didn’t have anything cheese-related on it. Everything was super good! 
My favorite part: the desserts! Oh my gosh guys. Holy cow. This was 100% the BEST lemon bar I’ve ever had. EVER. In my whole life. We also shared a lavender shortbread cookie. It was incredible, too. 
Like I said, I really failed at getting pictures, I didn’t even get one of the four of us! So, here’s a car selfie to document the end of the evening. It’s lame, I know, but it’s all I’ve got! 
I’m headed to barre in a little bit, then I’d like to get a bike ride in. I’m making a tofu vegetable curry in the crockpot for dinner tonight – stay tuned! This will be my first time making it. I’ll share all about it tomorrow!
Happy Wednesday!

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