A throwback + ALL the snacks + when recipes are better cold…

Lu is SO cuddly when she first wakes up in the morning. Or she wants my coffee. Either way, I’ll take it! And if it’s the coffee she’s wanting, then I’m SUPER proud. 
Breakfast after my run yesterday! 
Jake sent me this yesterday when he got to work. He sure knows what to say to me! He knows it’s crunch time with my dissertation. I wouldn’t have survived the past two years without him!
I ate all of our peanut butter on Wednesday, so I used almond butter on my rice cake yesterday. Remember when I didn’t like the almond butter as well as the PB? Well, I think the almond butter is growing on me! 
This popped up in May from the graduation for my master’s. I can’t believe it was 4 years ago. I forgot I saved it. This next graduation will be my last! I kinda miss my short, blonde hair…
Lunch is boring this week – same thing every day! Chicken and veggies. 
A little afternoon pick-me-up: cold brew with flaxseed milk and some chocolate. Mmm. My sweet tooth was crazy yesterday…you’ll see more evidence later. Eye-roll. 
I’ve loved these chips. I’ll definitely be getting them again. They’re the Siete grain-free tortilla chips. The lime flavor is awesome. I cut off the top since it was only crumbs left. I wasn’t going to let any of these delicious morsels go to waste!
I worked for a few more hours, then took another snack break. Grapes and carrots with hummus. 
This girl loves making beds on any pillow she can find. 
Whooooops. No self-control. This was bored/stress eating. 
Lu tried pretty hard to distract me all day yesterday. She really wanted me to play with her. 
I’m taking a free marathon-training course! I’ll let you know how it goes. I should be finished next week or so. The videos are only 10ish minutes long, so they’re a nice little break when I’m working. Plus, I’m hoping to learning a couple of things! Yesterday was video 1, which was pretty introductory, but I found out that I do my easy runs too fast – which I’ve been doing forever. I’ve known this, but I haven’t really done anything about it. At the end of the video, we had a calculator to use to figure out what our pace should be during aerobic runs. I can’t share the calculator with you since it’s embedded in the class, but HERE’S the link to do the class if you’re interested! It’s free! There are other classes, too, so I might look into them. 
Here’s what the calculator looks like. My aerobic runs need to be WAY easier, but it’ll be hard for me to slow down this much. I don’t like being out running for that long, ha! But I will work on slowing down until I have some workout runs that need to be faster.  
I knocked out a few more hours of work and planned on working until Jake finished his ride at 7PM, but Lu started crying to be held, so of course I put my work away to cuddle her. Totally worth it. I 100% do not know how women with babies and other kiddos work from home/are finishing school, etc. You are my heros! I get so distracted any time Lu or Aspen need anything. I also feel guilty about being home and not playing with them. 
This is my face after spending every day this week either in bed or on the couch plastered to my computer. I’m not complaining, or at least I’m trying not to, I’m just worn out! : ) I’ve gotten a bunch finished this week, so that feels really good! My Mom’s birthday is next week, so I’d love to be able to go to the pool with her, even if it’s just for a couple of hours – I’m trying to make sure that happens! 
Aspen always has her front paws crossed. I think it’s adorable.
I wanted a little bit of everything for dinner last night. That tofu veggie curry (I shared the recipe with you yesterday) is even better cold! I like it WAY better cold, but Jake likes it better hot. I also cut up a couple different brats just so I could sample a few. It was delicious. We had a pineapple brat that I was obsessed with. I tried to wait for Jake to get home from his ride, but I was hungry ALL day yesterday, so I went ahead and ate without him. 
These two finished their ride, then compared their rides on Strava. HA! 
Post dinner glass of wine while we watched The Ranch! 
I’ve got a couple meetings today, some more computer work, a long bike ride, some weight lifting, and my Mom is having her garage sale, so I’d like to stop by that, too. I’m going to help her on Saturday, but my Fridays are just usually too crazy to fit much else in other than work/school related stuff. 

We have a pretty open weekend, which is nice! We are busy most of Saturday, but tonight and Sunday are free! Well, tonight after 5:30 for me. I think we will grab dinner somewhere and then just relax! I am a planner, like, obnoxiously so, but lately, I’ve kind of liked not having set plans for everything. What’s happening to me?! 

What’re you up to this weekend?? 

Happy Friday, friends!

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