I break everything + you HAVE to try this + sticking to plans!

I saw this on Instagram and could not agree more…am I right, ladies? That’s the WORST. It’s similar to taking off a wet one-piece swimsuit. Super not fun. It makes you panic a little…like, will i get out of this sports bra/swimsuit or is this how I die?
I got a humid 5 miles in yesterday morning. It was HOT. Also, the last mile was miserable. My cramps were awful, so I had to stop and walk since I could hardly stand up straight. Being a girl can be a real bummer sometimes. They eventually went away and I was able to finish my run. 
I’ve gotta get back to getting up at 4AM. I’m not made for hot runs. Major kudos to those of you who run after work! You’re my heroes. Cough, cough – Jordan! 
Welp, the Magic Bullet is officially broken. This is just not my month for blenders. I broke our other blender a few weeks ago, and yesterday, the Magic Bullet crapped out. I made Jake a smoothie to take to work and then I started on mine. I didn’t even get half of mine blended before it started making a TERRIBLE sound. When Jake got home from work, I told him it was broken. I don’t think he believed me. He tried to mess with it and the second he turned it on, something REALLY broke and shot up out of the blender. Maybe he will believe me next time! ; )

If anyone has any blender recommendations, please let me know! Do they made a blender/food processor combo?? I’d love that! I’ll do some research. 

I had the last piece of Ginger-Molasses bread with my third of a smoothie. 

These two slept ALL morning. Aspen made sure to keep their toy close to her. Lu loves it under our bed. She’s there most of the day. 
I worked for a little bit then had lunch. Since I switched things up and had a smoothie for breakfast yesterday, I had my normal breakfast for lunch. I added some blueberries and grapes on the side. I was starving yesterday!
These are the tortillas I’ve been using! They’re delicious. 
Someone ventured out from under the bed. 
I took a snack break and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. Then I decided I needed some chips. I honestly have no clue where these came from, but they were in our pantry. YOLO, right?
I close these curtains when the sun shines into our kitchen because it gets super hot. Aspen wasn’t very happy with me doing that. 
Guys. This dinner. Holy cow. It was simple to make and seriously one of my favorites!!! I used THIS cookbook and then just tweaked the recipe a little. It’s called Eggplant Wild Rice, but since I can’t ever follow a recipe, I used quinoa instead of rice, added mushrooms, and used amino acids instead of sesame oil. I don’t have anything against those things, I just didn’t have sesame oil and I wanted quinoa and mushrooms added. All it is is half an eggplant, half an onion, 2 cups of mushrooms, quinoa (1 cup dry), 4 eggs, ghee, amino acids, garlic, and sesame seeds. YUM! I added salmon for Jake and we finished off the baguette we’ve been eating on. You cook the quinoa, and while that’s cooking, sauté the eggplant, onion, and mushrooms. Once they’re cooked, add the cooked quinoa, then add 4 eggs and scramble everything together. I added amino acids, garlic, and sesame seeds to that whole mixture. That’s it! So simple! I can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch!
Here’s the cookbook!
I’m not really sure how this is comfortable…
After dinner, I took an epsom salt back and FINALLY had some time to read this book. I’m SO close to finishing it. I love to read, but I haven’t been reading anything lately because I feel guilty for not reading research articles for my dissertation. Luckily, I read pretty fast, so I’m hoping to finish this by next week! I’m a little over halfway. 
I headed to the Y this morning to do the elliptical and some lifting. Car coffee is the best coffee. 
I love both of these songs. 
I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, then set up my own little lifting area. 
This is Week 2 of training and I’ve stuck to my goal of lifting 3 times a week! I think that will really help me stay away from injury. 
Happy weekend, friends!!!!

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