Weekend Wrap-up!

Our weekend was a crazy one! We had a super fun date night Friday, my baby sister got married Saturday, and I went to a baby shower Sunday. Let’s start with Friday fun!

I slept in a little, then knocked out some computer work before heading to the gym. Anyone else drink the last bit of their BCAAs out of the container? Desperate times, friends. 

I did a version of this workout – I upped the levels a little and just did 40 minutes. I love that this workout option is on my Garmin. It literally has everything. I have the Fenix 5s and am obsessed with it. 
The stair stepper is such a good workout, I was drenched afterwards. 
After the gym, I had lunch. Leftover stuffed peppers, Nut Thins, and beet hummus. Mmm. 
I did more work after lunch, then took a break for another snack. I had a rice cake with hummus, dairy-free cheese, spinach, and Sriracha. It was delicious. 
After my snack, I did some more work, had my meeting over edits, then knocked out a little bit of vacuuming before Jake and I headed out on our date. Anyone else ever vacuum in heels? I highly recommend it. 
Then we were on the road to get some sushi!
I had a cosmo at dinner. It was delicious. We went to Izumi Hatake and we really enjoyed it!
We devoured ALL of this. And now seeing this picture, I want more. 
Seafood sauce is the BEST. 
After dinner, we headed to Brew Co and shared a beer out of one of our mugs. We were going to a comedy show, so we grabbed a drink and then headed to the Blue Room Comedy Club. 
We had a BLAST. We saw Tim Gaither, along with some other crazy funny comedians. I can’t wait to go back. 
This is why I have to braid my hair before runs…or any time I go outside in the summer. 
I don’t normally get stomach cramps during runs, but man, I got an awful one during my warm-up Saturday morning. Luckily, it only happened during my warm-up, and once I stopped and stretched, it went away. 
I was worried this wasn’t going to turn out because I took it while running, but it did! (It’s the little things, huh?) This is what the workout feature looks like when you’re trying to stay between a certain pace. Isn’t that cool? Your watch will vibrate to let you know if you’re going too fast or too slow. I love this feature so much! I got 7 miles in Saturday morning. 
It was beautiful out. 
Jake knocked out 17, then got the girls and they met me at the finish of my run. Lu saw a bunny and would not stop standing like this…
I showered super fast then met my family to get my make-up done for my sister’s wedding! I was hosting a little bridal lunch at my house after hair and make-up appointments, so here’s what the table looked like! I love parties of any kind. 
I decided to curl my own hair to save some time. I have been leaving my hair curly and just curling over my natural curls. I used to straighten it and then curl it, but that seemed ridiculous. One side is natural and one side is curled. 
We had a sandwich bar for lunch. My sister loves candy, so I got her some treats, too. 
YUMMMM. I had two plates of food.
One of my besties, Cassie, who owns the Ozark Mtn Flower Truck, did Piper’s (my sister) bouquets. She used nicknames for mine and Piper’s. The name tags say Chet (me), and Sacajawea (Piper). Funny story, when Cass and I were in high school, we wanted to make a movie. My parents used to live on an acreage with a pond, so we made Piper follow us around with a video camera, while she rode our four-wheeler. We got the canoe out and paddled around the pond. I think we eventually decided to call our film something about Lewis and Clark, so we called Piper Sackie (Sacajawea). It’s embarrassing, but the nickname stuck. So, that’s why Piper’s bouquet has that name tag. 

Another weird story, sometime in high school, I think during a basketball game, Cassie and I started calling each other Chet and Murt. No clue why. So, that’s where my name tag came from. Man, Cassie and I were weirdos. I mean, we probably still are, but we were super weird in high school…

This is my cousin Libby! Lib is getting married at Disney World next year! We can’t wait!
My sister looked absolutely gorgeous. 
I got to walk down the aisle with my baby cousins. They were so good!
After the ceremony, we headed to the reception. How adorable is this table for Piper and Tyler? I highly recommend the venue they used – it’s called Venue on Brick and it is GORGEOUS. You can read about it HERE. The owners are incredible. We were SO impressed. 
I knew Piper and Tyler were going to have Chick-fil-A, so I had meat for the first time in almost a month. I love Chick-fil-A. All of the other food was amazing, too. So, so good. And that cheesecake was the BEST I’ve ever had. No joke. 
This cracked me up – they went to cut the cake and Piper says, “I have no idea how to do this…” Her face in this makes me laugh, too. 
Pipe dancing with our Dad. <3
Welcome to the family, bro!! We love you! 
The owners of Venue on Brick let us look around the whole space, even though we didn’t have it all rented. They have a beautiful area in the back where ceremonies happen. How awesome is this decor? I was obsessed. 
Libby and I stole our cousin’s cowboy hats and busted some moves on the dance floor. 
Jake’s legs were toast after running 17 miles, so he sat and laughed at us on the dance floor. I didn’t take a ton of pictures. I was having too much fun! I’ll share more once we get them from the photographer, but it was a perfect day! 
Aspen slept with her legs out of her bed. She still seems like she’s sick, so I’m keeping a close eye on her. 
Sunday morning, Jake and I slept in, then we went to Gailey’s for breakfast. I was craving French toast, so I got the cinnamon swirl French toast meal. Holy cow, it was good, but it was sugar overload for me. I need a break from sugar, I think!
After breakfast, I headed to a baby shower for my friend, Annemarie. Kallie threw it and it was beautiful! 
Hahaha, her face! Annemarie is having a baby boy in September – I can’t wait to meet him!
We all went to high school together, so it was fun to get together and catch up!
Jake and I were both feeling kinda blah from our busy weekend, so I came home from the baby shower to a clean gara
ge and this sign. He always knows what to do to make me smile! Also, he’s a WAY better artist than I am…my stick figures look weird. 
For dinner last night, we went to The Roost with Jake’s parents and our friends, Kayla and Wade. We had a blast. I had the cod tacos and they were delicious! 
Today is my parents wedding anniversary. Happy 35th, Mom and Dad!! Love you both!
I’ve got lots to knock out today, so I’m sure it’s going to fly by! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Training plan from last week: 
Monday: 4.5 miles easy (8:28 pace)
Tuesday: 8 miles – track workout (8:53 pace)
Wednesday: Tabata
Thursday: 4 easy miles (9:02 pace)
Friday: Stair stepper and lifting
Saturday: 7 miles – mile repeats (9:24 pace)
Sunday: Rest day

I am supposed to be running on Sundays, but I haven’t the last two weeks. I don’t like running on Sundays, so I’m changing things up so that can be my rest day. I’m excited to have that back! I’ve always used Sunday as a rest day and I like it that way. : )

Happy Monday!


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  1. Lindsay

    What an exciting weekend… I used to really enjoy the Stairclimber until I started having leg/knee issues and went to the doctor and was told I’m no uncertain terms no more Stairclimber because of how bad it is for the knees. I guess I’ll have to stick to my running and spin instead. I’m surprised you don’t like running on Sundays … I love it because then I can relax the rest of the day and not worry about moving at all! Lol!! Happy Monday!!

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