A major whoops + pretty hard stuff + a discount code for YOU!

So, sad story. I accidentally deleted most of the pictures I took yesterday. I was cleaning out some stuff to free up space on my phone and accidentally selected something to delete that I didn’t mean to select. WHOOPS. That’s the first time I’ve done that. It was a bummer. BUT, the good news is that I have a few to share AND I’m doing a post TOMORROW (Saturday) all about my EverlyWell Food Sensitivity test!! Stay tuned. 

Breakfast yesterday was eggs, veggies, and toast with jam. 

I ran a couple errands in the morning, then got started on my computer work. Before I knew it, it was lunch time. Same lunch as yesterday – tuna wrap with spinach, tomatoes, Walden Farms ranch, and dairy-free cheese. With Nut-Thins on the side. 
I had some other pictures to show how sweaty I was, but they got deleted. I headed into the garage around 2PM for a little workout. I used some of the workouts I shared HERE. I was drenched. I did the Indoor Cardio Workout 4 times – it took about 22 minutes, then I did the 10 minute abs and a little lifting. I’m really working on strengthening my core. I think it will help keep me injury free. 
Chelsea was here. 
Jake got home from work and cuddled with Aspey. She’s really not doing well. While he was cuddling with her, he fell asleep, so I HAD to document it. Aren’t they adorable? Jake can literally fall asleep anywhere. 
My all-time favorite chocolate. I needed a treat yesterday. 
I was teasing Jake about something yesterday and he walked by me and knocked my splash guard down into my Nalgene. It was almost full! 
Jake ran 10 miles yesterday morning, but he needed 5 more for the day, so he knocked them out after his little nap with Aspen. I hopped on my bike and rode with him. 
We shared some chocolate milk when we got home. Doesn’t this look like a milkshake? 
For dinner, we had chickpea pasta with shrimp in a spicy curry sauce, veggies in the AirFryer, and Jake had a piece of toast and a salad. I wasn’t feeling a salad, so I didn’t have one. 
This was delicious! 
We went to Lowe’s to look at paint samples – we are going to do some painting! Then we stopped by the store to get some hot dogs for Aspen. I also wanted ice cream, so we each picked some out. It was a weird combo to check-out with…Aspen ate the entire package of hot dogs, though! And the ice cream was delicious. 
I am SO excited to share all of this with you! I got my results back from the food sensitivity test I took last week – they came back quickly! I will do a big write-up about it tomorrow, for my first ever Saturday post! I will also have a discount code to share in case any else wants to do their own test! EverlyWell offers a variety of tests, so go HERE and check them out. Don’t order until after tomorrow, though! I’ll share my discount code with you! 
I’m glad I had most of this written last night before bed. We’ve had a hard morning. Aspen woke me up about 2:30 having a seizure. My dog when I was in high school had seizures for years, so I knew exactly what was happening. It was awful. It’s so terrible to watch. I woke Jake up and he held her until it was over. It lasted about 8-10 minutes, then she seemed okay. And I don’t mean okay as in normal. She hasn’t been normal for almost a month now. I just mean she was back to just lying around. Jake left for work a little before 7. A little after 7, I was getting ready to go do my workout run, and she had another seizure. So, I held her and tried to comfort her. I called Jake and told him and he called our vet. The vet is supposed to call us as soon as she gets into the office. So, for the time being, this is what I will be doing – loving on my girls and trying to get some things done. But, loving on our Aspey is my number one priority today. She sure need
s it. This sucks, friends. It really, really sucks. 
She is such a lover. I’ve never met a dog who cuddles better than Aspen. 
I hope you have a wonderful Friday. If you get a second, please pray for us or send positive vibes. We appreciate you guys. So much. <3 


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  1. Leslie

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