Finally getting a workout in + protein mug cake for your sweet tooth!

I FINALLY got a run in that wasn’t terrible. I’d been struggling the past few days with my runs. I had a workout yesterday, so I ended with 7 miles total. 3 mile warm-up, 4x (1,200m at 7:50 pace with 2 minute walking recovery), 1 mile cool-down. I enjoyed this run. The miles seemed to go by quickly, which is one thing I really like about workout runs. Before you know it, you’ve ran 6 miles. 
It was a beautiful morning. I still got up early, but I wanted to run once the sun was up, so I sipped on coffee and enjoyed the morning in my jammies before I ran. I’m glad I waited! 
We are looking for a plant for our front porch. I had a couple minutes before lunch yesterday, so I looked around. I liked these three! I want something colorful. 
I also picked up this cute planter for my grandma for her birthday. 
I met my Mom, my sister, and my Grandma at Aviary for lunch yesterday. I had a garden veggie croissant and their superfood slaw. Both were delicious!
The sandwich had whipped goat cheese on it. I could’ve eaten three of these…
My Grandma is 80 years young! We sure love her. 
I had quite the sweet tooth yesterday. I used to make these protein mug cakes ALL the time, but I kind of forgot about them. I followed this, but added an egg, some organic vanilla, and waited to pour the PB2 on top once everything was cooked. It was delicious. 
This is one of my favorite proteins. I need to order a big container of it. Here’s everything all mixed together before I cooked it. 
Here’s after I cooked everything (about 90 seconds), and then topped with PB2. YUM. I will be making this more often, that’s for sure. 
This girl slept on the couch while I worked. Not sure how having your head buried in a blanket is comfortable, but she seemed to enjoy it. 
I got some new candles. I love this scent – Black Sand Beach. 
Ugh. Talk about a mini heart attack. I hate when this spinning wheel of death pops up. Especially when I’m saving something. It happened the other day after I had finished a bunch of edits on a dissertation chapter. I’m now back to writing in Google Docs. Good news, though! I am about 98% finished prepping all three of the courses I’m teaching this fall. That’s a good feeling! 
We had homemade pizzas for dinner last night. Jake’s on call this week and literally got called into work RIGHT as I was putting toppings on the crust. Poor guy. He said at least he knew he’d have this dinner to come home to! These were SO good. Let’s see if I can remember what all I put on them…started with a little bit of pesto and garlic, then rubbed some olive oil on the crust.  I topped the pesto portion with green peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes (which are the best part of any pizza in our opinion), mushrooms, jalapeños, artichokes hearts, and goat cheese. Jake had salami on his half, too. Then, I topped everything with a balsamic drizzle. Guys, do this. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to your pizza. 
The finished product. Since Jake worked until about 8:30, Lu and I worked on stuff until he got home. We ate dinner and watched The Office, then I knocked out some stuff on my To-Do list. It was a productive evening! 
I wish I had more of this…maybe for every meal? I’d be so happy. 
I had a couple bites of this after dinner, too. I think cookie dough is hands-down my favorite ice cream. I love getting the cookie dough bites. 
A few people asked for the kabob recipe (I shared it on Monday’s post), so here’s what we did! Super easy. I chopped up half an onion, a whole green pepper, a whole zucchini, and a whole yellow squash. I put a little olive oil, Primal Palate seafood seasoning, and black pepper on the veggies. I just put this seasoning on the scallops. Then I put all that goodness onto kabobs and Jake grilled! That’s it! It was completely clean – Paleo approved – and SO easy. I’m serious when I say this seasoning in a necessity. I use it on any seafood I cook. It’s amazing. 
I’m off to vote, workout, and knockout some work! We vote really close to our house, so I’m going to walk over there before the rain starts. It’s a beautiful morning! 
Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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