Short & Sweet + something exciting!!!

I personally want to hug whoever thought of overnight oats. They’re my hero (the person, not the oats…well, I guess the oats are, too). 
I worked on my computer all morning. Time flew by and before I realized it, it was time for lunch. More leftover fish, cauliflower, and butternut squash noddles. 
I worked some more and took a snack break – chips and hummus. I could eat an entire bag of tortilla chips in a single sitting. Anyone else? They’re definitely my weakness. 
Cold brew and chocolate milk is DELICIOUS. It’s also pretty. 
Lu napped by Aspen’s flowers. I’m trying my best to keep these alive a little while longer. Our vet sent them to us two days after we put Aspen down. They sent the sweetest note with them, too. 
Kayla and I went to an event last night, but it wasn’t really what we were expecting and she had a baseball game to go to, so we jetted out early. They had some yummy snacks, though.
It was another early morning of work. I originally planned to run when I got up, but I felt a little stuffed up (I REALLY don’t want to get sick right now) so I decided to rest and work, and then run later when I’m feeling better. Jake headed out for a run about this same time and maybe 20 minutes later it started storming like crazy. Pouring rain, thunder, lightening…poor guy. I’m glad he was with a group! Lu is terrified of thunder, so she cuddled extra hard this morning. 
This made me smile – I have a 7 mile run today, too! 
I finally get to share some super exciting news – I’m going to be an aunt!! My sister, Piper, and her husband, Tyler, are expecting a baby in March! I cannot wait!! I’ve already bought too many adorable baby clothes. I can’t wait for some baby snuggles. <3 
I’m getting my hair cut tonight, so I’m excited/nervous about that. I am ready for short hair again, but I’m going to miss my long hair. Short hair will be SO nice for my runs. My braid is long and thick, so it hits my shoulder blades and leave bruises…
​Other than that, it’s ALL the dissertation work today – I’ve already knocked out a few hours of work, so that feels good. 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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