A good workout + DONEZO + race photos

Guys, I am officially finished with 4 out of 5 chapters!!!! Getting. So. Close. Now to finish my reference list, put together appendices, and knock out all the handouts and documents needed to submit. I’d like to read through my entire dissertation one more time, but I have a meeting about chapter 5 today, so that will probably happen next week (I submit everything next Friday). I’m assuming I’ll have 2-3 days worth of edits on this last chapter. Fingers crossed it’s not more!

This is how Lu stared at me as I was leaving for my run yesterday morning…and yes, she likes to sit at the kitchen table. She got into this chair by herself. 

I had a workout run yesterday. My warm-up was 3 miles and to be honest, during my third mile, I wasn’t quite sure I’d be able to hit the paces my workout called for. I didn’t feel bad or anything, but I just didn’t feel great. The weather was beautiful, though, so I was thankful to be spending part of my morning outside. I learned my lesson from last week (and the race last weekend) and took my pack with me so I could have water. I drank my water bottle down and after my workout, I stopped at a park to fill it back up during my cool-down. I was SO glad I had it with me. 
Check out this view. I had just finished the 3rd of my 4 fast miles and was doing my 3 minute recovery walk. 
9.8 miles total! I had a 3 mile warm-up, 4 miles @ (7:41, 7:46, 7:40, and 7:38) with a 3 minute walking recovery in-between, and a 2 mile cool-down. It was a good workout and I felt really strong the whole time. The last quarter mile of the last mile was definitely hard, but I got it all in. 
Then it was time for more coffee and egg muffins. 
This was the first time I put veggie sausage on the bottom of these muffins instead of just in the mixture. I think I like it! It made clean up a tiny bit better, too. 
I worked after breakfast until lunch then pulled out one of my prepped meals. YUM. I love these veggie burgers. They’re by Gardein and they’re delicious. I topped this one with dairy-free Pepper Jack cheese. YES. 
I worked until Jake got home, then he went out to do some yard work, so I kept working. We had fish tacos for dinner, so I took a break and made some mango salsa for them. Jake finished working and came inside to get cleaned up and then we ate. These were SO good. 
Jake had two tacos and a salad. 
Remember Brandi? The incredibly talented photographer that did our wedding photos? Well, she was out at Two Rivers taking photos, too. She really can do it all! Her website is HERE – check her out if you need photos taken of any kind. Here are some of the trail pictures she took of me. I forgot EVERYTHING for my race, so I just carried my phone and Skratch chews the entire time…I wouldn’t recommend that, but it worked! 
I got lost on the course because I took a trail that isn’t really a trail….I take it all the time when I run at Two Rivers, so I didn’t think anything of it. Whoops! Any way, I stood around talking to people forever before I realized I needed to cross the finish line to get my official time, HA! Soooo, I finally did that. Eye-roll. Good thing I love this race/event and wasn’t racing! Otherwise I would’ve been very mad at myself. 
This girl sure loves her unicorn. She has a broken tooth (she’s having surgery next Monday to have it taken out), so we can’t really play like she likes to. She just throws her toys near me and stares. She’s going to be really sad next week when she can’t play with anything for two weeks.
I’m off to run and then knock out more work! 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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