When Lu makes me push + not as bad as I was thinking + getting nervous!

When the sun shines in through these sliding glass doors, I pull our curtains shut to keep our kitchen cooler. I had just let Lu in through the open side and looked over at her afterwards. I’m not sure why she was looking in-between the curtains and not in the open windows…
I have been enjoying sleeping in SO much lately. Jake and I crawled into bed at 8PM Tuesday night. We both hit snooze on our alarms and slept in until after 7! We couldn’t believe it. I think we are still catching up on sleep from the weekend. I needed to get some recovery miles in yesterday, so I had a waffle with butter and syrup and headed out to get them in. Turns out, syrup gives me acid reflux, but honey doesn’t. Is that weird? I just keep eliminating foods I can’t have before a run…
I needed 4-5 easy miles. I headed out and got to 1.5 before I started having terrible stomach pains. They were awful and it was hard to take a deep breath, so weird. I walked back home, which seemed to make it better. TMI (is there such a thing in a blog about running? If you ask my girlfriends, they’ll say no…) – I went to the bathroom and that helped. No clue what happened, but I was back to normal. I really didn’t want to head back out to finish my run once I was home because it was getting late and I wanted to just start on my work. I texted Jake and he said I’d feel so much better if I just finished. I knew he was right. So, I leashed up Lu and we headed out the door! 
This girl did my last 2.5 miles with me and I ended with 4 recovery miles for the day. I definitely needed it. I know how important recovery runs are, so I’m glad I got them in. I made sure to stay SLOW and really just shake out my legs. 
When I got home, I chowed down on some egg muffins and got to work. I finished up most of the extra things I need for my dissertation, so that feels good! As of now, I only have edits for Chapter 5 and my reference list left. (Happy dance.)
Lunch was another veggie burger patty and veggies. 
I’m not a big fan of bleu cheese, but this hummus is so good. It’s Buffalo Bleu and it’s delicious. 
Look at that precious angel face. 
This. Stuff. Is. Amazing. I love this in my coffee, too. 
I had my meeting over Chapter 5 yesterday afternoon. This was the first time my advisor was reading this chapter, so I knew I’d have edits, I was just worried about how many I’d need to make. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting! I bet I have 10-15 hours of work left on that chapter and then it’s ready to go! After I defend, I’ll have edits to make, but I’m not counting those yet. One thing at a time! I’m starting to get nervous/excited for my defense! I’m excited to share all about my research, but there’s a lot riding on it, too. It’ll be a big day. 

We were going to have fish tacos again for dinner, but I ate our leftover chicken wings for a snack and wasn’t that hungry, so I made a smoothie for myself instead. 

Jake did his run yesterday when he got home from work. He has some pretty terrible poison ivy on his ankle/foot. It looks terrible. He actually has it all over, but the areas on his ankle/foot are the worst. I don’t know how he’s getting his runs in with that. He has his biggest training weekend this weekend, so prayers that it clears up before his 35 miles. He got back from his run and I made him dinner, then we relaxed on the couch with some whiskey (for me) and scotch (for Jake). We were in bed early again!
I’m off to tackle some of these edits. I HAVE to get a lifting workout in today…I think it’s been almost a week. Whoops. Things are crazy right now, but that’s not an excuse. I WILL get it in. 
Hey, it’s Friday Eve! Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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