ALL the food + I’m so sore + good memories!

I had egg muffins and a waffle yesterday for breakfast. Lucky’s has the most delicious syrup. If you live near one, try some! It’s their self-serve and oh man, it is yummy. 
This girl has been by my side since Day 1 of this doctoral program. 4.5 years in the making. Maybe that’s where her hatred of computers comes from. ; ) Here’s a funny story for you that I’ll never forget. Since I don’t live in Columbia (I am the only one in the program not on campus), and most of my classes were on campus, I would have to connect to my classes using Skype. I would go to campus for the first and last class meetings and usually one in the middle to present, but for the most part, I did my entire on-campus program from a distance. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it worked. Anyway, so I would connect to class via Skype. Well, each classroom had a SmartBoard in it, which is a huge interactive whiteboard. They would project my face onto the HUGE screen. So there’s everyone sitting around, and my big ole face on the whiteboard. HA! That took some getting used to – I had to always look interested and everyone knew if I got up to go to the bathroom and scratched my nose. All of my classes were 3 hours long, so it was a long time to sit with your face being displayed at the front of the room. Well, Lu would get antsy sometimes during those classes and would jump onto my lap and lick me, or she would crawl up onto the back of whatever chair I was sitting in. I could always hear my classmates start laughing when this happened and I knew they could all see her. I feel like she deserves her own honorary doctorate! Oh, did I mention I was wearing a headset when I connected to my classes this way? A huge headset. 
Lunch was another veggie patty, veggies, and these chips – they’re SO delicious. We just had the BBQ, but this Hint of Lime flavor is definitely my favorite. 
After lunch, I worked for another hour or so, but couldn’t think straight, so I decided that was a sign I needed to go workout. These are the BCAAs I’m drinking right now. I love them. EVL Sports also makes a vanilla latte that I’m obsessed with. 
Remember how I said I hadn’t lifted in a week or two? Well, I wrote this up and was sore after the first round of Tabata…no joke. I did 3 rounds of Tabata (I complete round consists of 8 mini rounds of 20 second on, 10 second off), but I did an exercise for both the 20 seconds and the 10 seconds. Was that confusing? Probably. After 2 complete rounds, I did a little lifting. This workout only took 30 minutes! Each Tabata round is about 4 minutes each. 
Then it was time for a shower and back to work. Sometimes you stress eat cereal in one of your husband’s old t-shirts. 
For dinner we were having zoodles and salmon. I could not wait to make this pesto from Run Fast. Eat Slow for the zoodles. 
Oooh. It smelled so dang good. It tasted even better!
Dinner! Salmon, zoodles with the homemade pesto for both of us, garlic bread and a salad for Jake.
Family cuddle time – Lu sure loves Jake. She wouldn’t stop staring at him, which made me laugh super hard. 
Scroll past this if things gross you out easily!!! This is some of Jake’s poison ivy. Isn’t that awful?? I cannot even imagine. 
Someone put herself to bed. 
We have a pretty low-key weekend, which is nice. I think Jake is doing this long run (35 miles) tonight after work, he’s crazy dedicated, so he may not be home until 2ish. We will see! I’ve got an 8 mile workout run to get in today at some point and then 10 on Saturday. Other than that, it’s a weekend of dissertation stuff – my last one before I submit! 

Tell me about your weekend plans! Any races? Weddings? Other fun stuff?

Happy Friday, friends!

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