Weekend Wrap-up!

This is the LAST week of dissertation work! I submit everything Friday. I am excited/nervous/anxious. I have a lot that I want to get finished today and Tuesday, but the rest of my week SHOULD slow down after that. We will see!

Let’s rewind to Friday…Jake repotted some of our plants, so we left them outside over night. It was supposed to storm Friday, so I brought them inside and left them in the kitchen before I went to run. It looked like a jungle in there. 

BCAAs before my run. 
I had a workout run Friday – I finished the fast portion right as I got to this water fountain. I’ve never been so happy to see water. 
I was drenched! 
I am loving this short hair! It’s so nice to get my hair completely off my neck. This Nuun hat is one of my favorites, too. It fits really well. 
Blurry ghost picture. 
When I finished my run, I sat on the driveway for awhile. I stretched and just relaxed. It felt nice. 
Lunch was another veggie burger, veggies, and some blue corn tortilla chips. I think blue corn chips are the BEST. Anyone else like them? 
YESSSS. The best mail day – new Rab gear! 
Lu likes to hang out in our guest room and stare out the window. She normally knocks all of those pillows off the bed…
I made a mug cake for a snack. YUM.
I went to dinner with my parents Friday night and it was pouring. I wore one of my new Rab jackets and my Truly hat. 
I picked this stuff up at Lucky’s the other day. It is SO good. 
My parents and I got sushi. 
We were laughing too hard to take a selfie…it was difficult at the table. 
Oh my gosh. If you haven’t had these KIND bars, try them. So delicious. Jyssica and Kayla came over after I ate with my parents and we stayed up talking until 1AM! I never stay up that late, but the time just flew by. Jake ended up having some ankle pain, so he pulled out of his long run after 19 miles. I was proud of him for listening to his body. He got back home right as the girls and I were calling it a night. 
We slept in Saturday, then met some friends for brunch at Brew Co. I had their pancake, which is stuffed with bacon and sausage. YUM. 
It was another rainy day, but Jordan and Kayla both knocked out a 9 mile run before breakfast!
Jake went to a celebration of life after brunch and I went home to get a little work finished. Lu was tired of me working. 
Snack time – hummus, tortilla chips, and Sriracha. 
Celebratory drink for finishing Chapter 5! 
My baby sister and her husband had a shower with close friends Saturday night, so ​we went to that. It was a blast and the food was DELICIOUS. 
They got all the best stuff. 
The beautiful woman in the middle is my Godmother and I love her lots! She hosted the shower for Piper at her house, which is gorgeous. 
I told you guys a few weeks ago that I’m going to be an Aunt! Piper loves when I do this (NOT). I also talk to the baby ALL the time. I am SO excited to have a niece or nephew!!
My parentals. 
My Godparents. <3 
We love these two! We are SO honored that they asked us to be the baby’s Godparents. I cannot wait to love on him or her!
I put off my long run for the week until Sunday, so I got up early and got ready to meet Jake. He was doing 26 and I needed 10, so he was going to run to meet me and finish his run. It was chilly when I woke up, which is my favorite weather. Shorts and a long sleeved shirt or sweatshirt – yes, please! 
Lu and I hung out outside for a little bit. It was misting, which added to the chilliness. 
I got to the parking lot downtown where I was going to meet Jake and got all ready. I put my jacket back on over my pack because I was cold. I was also not happy with myself because I forgot a hat and it was raining. I almost always have a hat with me! 
It was dreary day, but we both had good runs! I love running in that kind of weather. 
This GU is delicious. 
I had a 30 minute workout after my 60 minute warm-up, so we found a loop in a neighborhood where I could do that. It was hard, but felt good! Then we finished my run, but Jake still needed a couple of miles, so I ran with him until he was finished. True love is running extra with your spouse. ; )
I cut off from him at one point because my knee was bothering me, so I walked for a minute or two, but we finished up both runs together. 
We finished our runs, 26.2 for Jake and 13.6 for me, changed into dry clothes, and headed to Lucky’s to get groceries and have breakfast. We shared a breakfast burrito and a breakfast sandwich. Both were incredible. 
He’s just a big kid. 
We went home, unloaded groceries, and then crawled into bed. I ended up sleeping for THREE hours. I couldn’t believe it. I was just so tired. When I woke up, I was starving and really wanted BBQ nachos. We headed to a new place in town, Bricktown Brewery, and shared this massive platter of nachos. They were SO good. 
Okay, remember over Labor Day weekend when I said two guys on bikes flew off the trail into me? Well, someone posted this picture yesterday. It made me laugh super hard. I was in the worst possible spot to watch them race….This was the second guy that hit me. 
This is what a long weekend of training looks like at our house. All the dirty running clothes and other gear sprawled in our garage. 
After Jake and I inhaled our nachos, we came back home and I started on meal prep. More veggie burger patties and veggies for me this week. 
Also, how awesome are these?? We had the pizza crusts last night and they were SO good. I’m going to have the sandwich thins with my lunches. 
Jake is having chicken fajita bowls for lunch this week. 
Kayla came over to hang out with us and I made some vodka blueberry slushes. They were yummy!
I was still stuffed from those nachos, but Jake was hungry, so I made pizzas. 
I really didn’t have an appetite, but I wanted to try that new cauliflower crust, so I had one piece. YUM. 
I just dropped Lu off at the vet – she’s having surgery today to have a tooth extracted. I miss her already. I need to run, do laundry, and do my LAST read through of chapters 1 and 2 today (maybe chapter 3) – gulp! I can’t believe I submit everything Friday…I’m getting so close. 
Training last week:
Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – 3 mile WU, 4 miles (7:41, 7:46, 7:40, 7:38) w/ 3 min recovery walk in-between each, 2 mile CD = 9.8 @ 9:04
Wednesday – Recovery run with Lu = 4 @ 9:38
Thursday – TRX Tabata Workout
Friday – 2 mil WU, 3 miles @ 8:15, 3 min jog, 2 miles @ 8:15, 1 mile CD = 8.3 @ 8:26
Saturday – Rest day
​Sunday – 60 min WU, 6x (3 min @ 8:15, 2 min @ 8:30),10 min CD (plus extra miles with Jake) = 13.6 @ 8:46
Happy Monday, friends!

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