A good laugh + crunch time + when things don’t go as planned…

This popped up on my Timehop yesterday. My Mom found this apology (scroll?) I had given to my Dad. I guess I was being a brat? I love that I called exclamation marks “exiting marks”….HA! 
Breakfast yesterday was the last egg muffin, half a piece of our new casserole, and a waffle. 
I got an email from the head of my committee before I went to bed Monday night with optional edits for 3 of my chapters. UUUUGH. I had errands to run, so I knocked those out quickly, then it was back home to work. I found these at Sam’s…they’re SO yummy. 
I basically had to reorganize two chapters…at least it wasn’t really adding new information, just moving things around. I feel like my edits are based on the day I’m talking to certain people…there isn’t that much consistency, which can be frustrating. BUT, as I told Jake, I can suck it up and do what people want for ONE MOR WEEK. After that, I never have to do what someone wants every again. That’s how it works, right? ; ) I worked all day yesterday. Literally. I didn’t even get my workout in. I took a 10 minute break to eat lunch, then got back to work. 
Jake and I love these. As our races get closer, we will be taking these every day. Neither of us has times to get sick right now. 
Jake came home from work, mowed, then headed to an Altra event at Springfield Lake. I was bummed to be missing it, but I just couldn’t swing it. I worked until a little after 8 and then my brain was numb. I went to bed and got back up at 4 to start working again. I cannot wait to submit this on Friday. I have gotten a lot finished this morning, so that’s a positive. 
Also, getcha a girlfriend who will run your long runs with you! You can’t have Jyss, though, she’s mine. 
I have a workout run today, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I’d like to have most of these revisions finished before I do that. I WILL get it in, though. Ideally, I’d love to have everything submitted before I leave Friday morning for my long run. We will see! I’d appreciate any positive vibes you can send…also, if you want to write this dang thing for me, I’d be totally down with that. ; )
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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