Pushing through + progress + fingers crossed today is my last day…

I had a hill workout run yesterday that I did NOT want to do. I really tried to think of a way to get out of it. I had gotten up early and finished some work, but I just wanted to keep working. BUT, I knew I needed to run, so I made a waffle and put on running clothes. 
I wasn’t quite finished working, so I wore my robe over my clothes until I got to a good stopping place…
The sky was beautiful. 
I did my 3 mile warm-up and just felt super flat. I got to the hill I like to use for repeats and started. I needed 8 hill repeats with 7:45 up and 8:30 downhill. I was still feeling flat and had no motivation to push. I stopped after 4 (halfway) and stood at the top of the hill for a few minutes. I was seriously debating just going home or at least running a longer route home to still get my mileage but not run hills. I wasn’t feeling it. I was done. 
I have no clue why, but I told myself to do two more hills. Soon, two became the four I needed and I had finished the workout. ​I didn’t hit my paces on the second to last repeat, but I just didn’t have the motivation to make it happen. It was definitely a mental struggle. I wanted to quit so badly. I had so much work I needed to be doing, but I KNEW getting my run is was important. I have been sitting so much this week. I needed a run to get me up and moving. 
I did my two cool-down miles back to the house and had breakfast. 
I finished up all final edits on Chapters 1, 2, and 3, so they are ready to go! I took a break for lunch and got started on Chapter 4. 
Sometimes you just need to sit on two chairs. 
Dissertation stress breakouts. So fun. 
Wahoo! I’m ready! Now if my knee could just stop hurting…
I love this song, it has a great beat and his voice is awesome. I feel like I’ve shared it with you before. I also love my Mom. ; )
I took a 20 minute brain break and put out some fall decorations!
Decorating only took 10 minutes, so I sat outside in the sun with Lu for the other 10. It was nice!
The brain break helped! I came and in and finished a section in Chapter 4 that I could not think through, so now final edits on Chapter 4 are finished! Then I got started on my reference list!
I took another break to eat dinner with Jake. Think he loves when I put Sriracha hearts on his food? Probably. He had a veggie burger, cauli fried rice, garlic bread, and a salad. 
I had tilapia and cauli fried rice. The main goal behind meals this week = quick and easy. 
Jake met a friend for a beer after dinner and I stayed home to work. GUYS, I finished my reference list!!! ALL I have left to do is finish up some final edits on Chapter 5 and do a final read through on the chapter. It’s my most important chapter, but it’s also the shortest. I would LOVE to finish this dissertation today…fingers crossed! 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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