Birthday Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday morning started with a final read through of my dissertation chapters. As I was reading, I started questioning everything I had ever written…soooo, I made myself skim them and just submit everything! I think Lu was excited for me to submit. 
Breakfast was egg casserole, a waffle, and an episode of New Girl. I think I was in shock about submitting and not really sure what to do with my day, HA!
I shared this on social media. This was my first day of first grade. This is still how I feel about school. 20 some years later. ; )
Kayla kept talking about how good the Cascara cold brew from Starbucks was, so I treated myself to one after I submitted. It was SO good!
Jake and I both had long runs Saturday, so I grabbed donuts for us for after. I’m not a huge donut fan, but I LOVE blueberry cake donuts. I was pumped to have this after my run. I got Jake a peanut butter/oreo donut. Mine was definitely better. 
Lunch was the same thing I’d been having all week – veggie burger patty, roasted veggies, and a cauliflower sandwich thin. 
Some of my girlfriends came over to hang out and celebrate me submitting. Lu was pretty stoked they were  there. 
Then I think she wasn’t super excited because we started dressing her up in different outfits. But I mean, how adorable is she???
Jake needed to get a little run in when he got home from work, so Kayla and I rode while he ran. After that, Jake and I picked up Bambino’s for dinner. We love having this deliciousness the night before long runs. We shared a salad, their Greek pasta, and all the bread. 
For dessert, we shared a piece of tiramisu. 
Pre long run breakfast Saturday morning. I had 18 miles to knock out, which was my longest run yet!
My spray tan looked ridiculously dark in this picture…it wasn’t really this dark! It made me laugh. I got a new foaming sunless tanner that I LOVE. It’s St. Tropez (HERE) and it’s awesome. It looks super natural (despite this picture) and it works in 1-3 hours, depending on the color you want. Anyway, I got all ready and hit the road. I made it a mile before terrible cramps started, so I turned around and went to the house to get Tylenol. Being a girl is SO fun. 
All. The. Tylenol. 
TMI – Another use for my pack – tampon holder. Nothing like starting your period during mile 1 of your long run. And see! I’m not as dark as that picture made me look. 
That was tough. I think I stopped to stretch at least 3 times. I also couldn’t stop chugging water, so then I would be SO full and miserable. It was a hard run, but I got it done. Jyssica ended up not being able to run, so I did the whole thing by myself. I was really proud of myself and will definitely think about this run when things get hard during my race! I think it was good for me to knock out that mileage on my own. I proved to myself that I could do it. 
I attempted to kee
p miles 5-16 below an 8:50. I came close, but couldn’t quite keep that pace the whole time. 
Post run Skratch recovery shake and my donut. 
Jake and I started getting ready for my birthday party, which was at our house Saturday night, so after we worked a little bit, I went to Galloway to pick up lunch. They gave me a hat for my birthday! How awesome are they??? I was pretty dang excited. Thank you, Galloway! (Ann and Dan)! <3
We both had the BLT. It’s so amazing. 
Jake made this adorable backdrop for pictures and we didn’t even use it! I was so sad. I just got so caught up talking with everyone and I completely forgot. 
Jake did a taco bar and it was DELICIOUS. Best husband ever. He planned my entire party and it was PERFECT. 
All the best people came over to help me celebrate! 
I broke out the cups from my bachelorette party and Coty was a good enough sport to pose with one. 
My Mom made a funfetti cake and I was so excited. Sometimes you need to take cake selfies…
Selfies with big groups are hard…I need longer arms. 
I have the best people. Love you guys! 
My parents!
My brother-in-law, sister, and niece or nephew! <3 
We dominated the guys at flip cup.
Mild dysfunction. 
The losing side. Cute, but not super great at flip cup. 
This is 30. 
When you spill margarita on your pants…
My sister cross-stitched this pineapple for me AND got me pineapple chapstick. She gets me. 
We have lots and lots of leftovers from the party. For lunch on Sunday, I had a taco salad and Jake had tacos. 
We found a pineapple salsa and I love it. It’s so dang good. 
This girl was worn out from all the fun. 
More Mexican – quesadillas for dinner!
After dinner last night, we went to a movie theater here in town and listened to some live music. I had no idea they did this, but it was SO fun! Their outdoor bar area is awesome. 
Don’t let their good looks fool you…these two are ornery. 
We had a blast trying different drinks. 
Jake and I failed to get a picture together at my party, so Kayla made sure we got some Sunday night. Before I knew it, Jake was scooping me up…
One guess where Lulu was sleeping while we were gone…also, we have got to touch up that spot on our wall…
I had the best weekend with my favorite people – so far, 30 is pretty great! Today is my actual birthday, but Jake is on call for work, so we got all of our celebrating in early. I’m going to lunch with my Momma later today, then I’m going to just relax! It’s super weird not having my dissertation to work on…I feel kind of lost. I’m also going to run, finish laundry, meal prep, and grade, but other than, lots of relaxing with my best gal is going to happen!
Happy Monday, friends!

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