Not feeling it + the big 3-0 + back to the grind!

Yesterday was my birthday, so I headed out for a little run before meeting my Mom for lunch. I made it a mile and then turned around. I just wasn’t feeling it and my body was worn out. I did wear my new knit Torins, so it was nice to break them in a little, but I ran the mile back home and decided I was fine with two miles for the day. 
Check out all these amazing goodies from the incredible people in my life – thank you, thank you! <3 Jake’s parents gave me a gift card to my favorite spa, so I’m getting a massage next week. I’m already counting down the days! 
I headed to meet my Mom at Early Bird and Shawn, the owner, gave me a birthday shot. His shot of choice is Goldschläger, but I asked him to be nice – he made me an applesauce shot and it was delicious!! Thank you, Shawn. You’re the best! 
For lunch, I had the lox and bagel sliders. Mmm. 
Thanks for taking me to lunch, Momma! I wore my new hat from Galloway, too. Thank you, Ann! 
I ran to the grocery store after lunch so I could start on meal prep and I came home to these beautiful flowers from my birth mom – thank you, Dawn!!! I love, love, love them! <3
I started on a little meal prep (this is 30, huh? HA!) I made Jake a healthy chicken salad for the week. This is probably one of his favorite lunches. 
I’m having salmon and veggies for the next few days. I splurged a lot over the weekend and my body is ready for me to get back on track! 
After meal prep, I got some birthday cuddles in with this furball. 
When your birthday is on a Monday, you pretend it’s still the weekend. 
Guys, these chips are the BEST. For real. Go get them. 
I told Jake all I wanted to do last night was make wings in the AirFryer and watch A Year in the Life of Gilmore Girls. We just finished the final season on Netflix, so I was pumped to start on the bonus episodes! I made wings, homemade ranch, and salad. It was delicious. 
Wings in the AirFryer are SO good!
Jake’s parents also got me a bunch of chocolate for my birthday, so I shared a little of it with Jake. We tried these two and they’re super good! 
Then it was up at 4:30 to get some speed work in! I was really hoping I felt better on my run today then I did yesterday. (I did!) I needed to get some speed work in and I was a little worried after how crappy my run on Monday was. I did a 3 mile warm-up to the track. 
My warm-up was a little slow, but once my workout started, I was able to hit my paces and even go a little faster than I expected. I ended with 9 miles – I had my 3 mile WU, 4 1 mile repeats (7:40, 7:35, 7:32, 7:13), 2 mile CD. I felt a million times better this morning than I did Monday. I have my longest run ever this weekend (22), so this week is going to be big. 
Jake was finishing up his run the same time I was, so we got to walk up our street together. <3 
I realized I forgot to share my training from last week!

Monday: Recovery run – 6 miles @ 9:19
Tuesday: Nothing – dissertation work
Wednesday: 3WU, 8x(400m uphill @ 7:50, 400m downhill @ 8:40), 2 CD – 9.1 @ 8:24 (struggle bus run)
Thursday: Nothing – dissertation work
Friday: 6.4 bike ride
Saturday: 18 solo miles @ 8:54
Sunday: Rest!

I’ve got some work to do on an article I’m co-authoring and I want to knock out some grading. I also need to start looking for jobs, but I honestly don’t know what I want to do! I don’t know where to even start looking…maybe I can figure that out today. I need to work on my presentation for my defense, but I might do that tomorrow – it’s weird having free time. I don’t like it! HA! I function better when I have a lot to do…
Happy Tuesday!

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