Ready for this to NOT be my view + mostly me, Lu, and food…

Guys…bad news. We are out of Sriracha…it’s been a sad few days at our house. I just haven’t had time to get to the store to get more…UGH. I wish Sriracha knew how much we loved their product so they would just send us a new bottle every month…anyone have an in with Sriracha? Hook a sister up! ; )
I finally got a little strength work in! It felt goooood. I can tell I haven’t been lifting like I was, so I’m definitely going to be a little sore – update today: I am very sore! After I worked out yesterday, I had lunch. 
And just when I was looking forward to not being on my computer all day…

​I’ve been working on some revisions for an article I’m co-authoring with a professor at Mizzou. I don’t mind the work, but man, I am SO ready to not be on my computer all the dang time. 

At least I’m getting to enjoy my beautiful birthday flowers! <3 Lu with the sneak smooch.
I worked a little bit more in the afternoon, then decided I needed to take Lu-bug for a little walk. 
I got some new Goodr glasses and I love them. I love Goodrs because they don’t slip and they’re super comfortable. Also, they’re so cute!
We took a little break from the heat and played in the water. I’ve never seen a little dog love water like Lu does. Her favorite thing is to get caught in a current, float down away from me, and then run back and do it all over again. It’s so cute. 
How incredible are these views?
Dinner last night was leftover spaghetti squash casserole and a bagel. I HAVE to get to the store today…we are out of spinach, bread, SRIRACHA, and syrup. 
We watched another episode of Gilmore Girls and then each took a little Epsom salt soak. Jake is tapering, so his body is pretty sore – his next hundred is the weekend after I defend my dissertation. Go big or go home, right? I told him this is so like us to have two major things so close together. 
This angel was wildly throwing her toy around one minute and the next, she took over her Dad’s spot. 
When you can’t function when your alarm goes off…I had 7 of these pictures…
I did NOT want to get up this morning. Jake let me sleep in a little and then he came in and asked if I was going to run with him or not. That got me out of bed pretty quickly! I knew he was sore, so I didn’t want to bail on him. Plus, I ALWAYS feel better when I can knock out a run early. I sat on the floor to stretch a little and Lu joined me. 
Then Jake tried to go back to bed…Lu encouraged his behavior. The first thing I do when I get up is make the bed. I can’t function until it’s made…is that weird? Probably. 
We both rocked our Paradigms, which I think are the cutest Altras. They’re also SO comfy. Jake’s calves make me jealous. Actually, all of his leg muscles do. 
Holy humidity. We were both drenched. 
I had a 3 mile tempo, so Jake did my workout with me. We warmed up with 2 miles, did the tempo, then had a mile cool-down. We got a total of 6 miles in together. I was having trouble staying in my paces – I ended up faster than I was supposed to. I barely got my third tempo mile faster than my second. My next run will be my longest – 22 miles! 
I told Jake he was cute and that I wanted to take his picture. He told me I was weird. True love, right? ; )
YUM. I inhaled this. 
I want to finish article edits today and make some progress on my dissertation defense presentation. I made all the slides yesterday, I just need to add information to them. I 100% cannot believe it’s Thursday. This week FLEW by. I’m ready for my defense to be over, but I also don’t want it to be next week…GULP. 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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