Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was wonderful. Not only did I get in my longest run EVER, we had lots of time for relaxation and fun. Friday morning started with this deliciousness for breakfast – egg and veggie scramble, turkey bacon, and my favorite blueberry waffles.
Sometimes you just need to lounge in bed wearing your jammies, rocking compression socks, and sipping on coffee. Mornings like that are my favorite.
I think I mentioned this when we got married, but I made all of the flower arrangements for our wedding. Since we were traveling to Colorado, I didn’t want to mess with trying to travel with flowers and I didn’t want to scramble to find someone to make bouquets and boutonnieres. So, I just got fake flowers and made everything! It was actually super fun and I’m so glad we did it that way. Plus, now I can keep my bouquet forever. It’s on the left. Jake came home with the bouquet on the right the night I submitted my dissertation. He’s the best.
I follow a girl named Courtney on Instagram and she shared this recipe the other day. I screenshotted it and made these muffins. YUM. I’ve never met her, but I told her they were delicious and thanked her for sharing. Gotta love social media, huh?
When your chapstick gets hot and you break it trying to put it on. Uuuugh.
I wasn’t super hungry for lunch after my massive breakfast, but I had some cauliflower and a tilapia filet after I ran some errands Friday afternoon.
i also laid everything out my 22-miler. Before Saturday, the longest run I had ever done was 18 miles. I was excited to see how I felt with 22. I used all 4 GUs and half a scoop and a half of Skratch all mixed up.
The muffins finished baking about the time I was ready for a snack – win-win.
YUM. I cannot stop drinking these Zevias. I thought they were too sweet at first, but now I look forward to having them as a treat every day.
Then it was time for another snack – chocolate PB2 and a banana.
I saw this at the store and had to try it. Guys, it’s SO good.
Jake got called out to work right as we were about to start dinner, but we had pasta, the above meat, spaghetti sauce, peas, and mushrooms. Yum. Plus garlic bread. This will be my meal before my race. My stomach handled it great and I had zero stomach issues during my run!
After dinner, I headed to a bachelorette party for a little bit. I didn’t take pictures there, I’m sure you know why. 😉 it was a blast, but I only stayed for an hour since I needed to get up early and run lots of miles. I enjoyed a Truly, though! One of my favorite drinks.
Jake, being the amazing husband that he is, knocked out his own long run, in the cold rain, and then came home so he could ride his bike while I ran. While I was waiting for him to get home, I had breakfast. This breakfast is what I’ll have on race day – a whole plain bagel, butter, honey, and a banana.
Pre-run foam rolling and coffee drinking with Lulu.
Thank you, Jordan, for my shoelace tag! I think it helped.
My plan called for 10 miles easy, 10 miles at marathon pace, and a 2 mile cool-down. I decided to listen to podcasts during the first 10, then music for the rest. I listened to these two podcasts. I didn’t get to finish the second one with Jackie Dikos, but I was loving it, so I will definitely finish it when I get a chance. 
Everything went really well! I think this was about mile 14 or so? I stopped three times the whole run. Once to fill up my water bottle and go to the bathroom, once to stretch out a hip that was bothering me, and a third time before I started to cool-down to really stretch a few spots. 

I’m glad I practiced the food I’m going to eat. I didn’t have any stomach issues the entire run! It was amazing. 

Jake was on call, but he still rode his bike with me me so I wasn’t alone. Husband of the year or what? We were hoping he wouldn’t get called in, but he did about mile 4 or 5. About mile 16, I see this – it’s Jake! He had finished work and came back to find me. I’m SO glad he did. It was nice to have him with me as I finished. 
I was having some hip/knee pain during these last few miles. 
Stretching helped, but it was tough to get going again. I don’t like stopping on long runs. I really struggle with getting back into it. Jake reminded me that sometimes speeding up helps a little, just so you aren’t doing the exact same thing mile after mile. I did that a few times and I think it helped! 
I finished my 22 miles and we had a little over a half mile walk to the car. Walking hurt worse than running, ha! At least I had this cutie to look at while I walked. 
I was pretty excited to see that number. Especially since 22 is my favorite number and I ran 22 miles on the 22nd!
My first 10 I tried to keep about 9:20 or below. Jake joined me at 5, which obviously helped. From miles 11-20, I tried to stay close to an 8:45/8:50. Mile 13 is when I took a bathroom break – I left my watch running. I’m not sure while mile 15 is higher, I can’t remember. Overall, I was happy with this run. It’s nice to know I can do that distance. I definitely want to see this pace improve a little, but I’m not going to worry about that right now. This run made me in awe of people who run longer. I am so impressed by them/you. Not to mention longer distances, but much faster paces! You all are incredible. It blows my mind. I think it’s funny that my fastest mile was mile 20. Do you think I was ready to be finished? 
Post long run = I will sit anywhere. Jake was probably taking a million pictures of me (he does that) and I just wanted my phone back and some food. That Lululemon top was PERFECT. I had zero chafing and it felt so light. If it’s not crazy cold in November, I’ll wear this shirt for the race, too. 
22 on the 22nd!
VERY thankful for a husband who will ride his bike with me for my long run AFTER knocking out his own long run. 
There’s not much else that feels as good as finishing a long run and knowing you can do nothing the rest of the day…
Jake and I were both starving, so we went to Galloway for lunch. We shared a Redbird sandwich and the three-way pork. The Redbird is one of my favorites, so it definitely hit the spot! 
All the jalapeños and Galloway sauce. 
After lunch, it was nap time. I think I slept about an hour, then hopped in the tub for an Epsom salt bath. Sometimes during marathon training, you need to eat snacks while you soak. 
We relaxed the rest of the afternoon and then had veggie enchilada leftovers for dinner. 
I caught the end of the sunset, but it was gorgeous. 
We watched a little Netflix and called it a night. I’m only mildly worn out in this picture… ; )
Lu was ready for bed WAY before we were. 
I woke up Sunday morning NEEDING French toast. It was delicious. 
Then it was grocery store/meal prep time! I love seeing all these veggie substitutions! I like to add these into my pasta and do a combo of both, too. So yummy. 
Guys, it’s BAAAAACK! I think I JUST posted that I couldn’t find this yogurt. I am SO happy. 
When you need to meal prep but your knee hurts…
YUM. Favorite way to prep a ton of veggies – put frozen veggies on a baking sheet, put whatever you want on them (these have coconut aminos, garlic powder, and black pepper), then roast for 30ish minutes at 375. That’s it! These are green beans, sliced carrots, peas, and broccoli. 
I also cooked tilapia and then portioned everything out. 
Breakfast casserole for the week (plus some extra to freeze). 
I forgot to take a picture of Jake’s lunches, but he’s having these sandwiches! Topped with chicken, Paleo mayo, tomato, lettuce, and hummus. We had this for lunch yesterday, too. 
The princess. 
We did a whole lot of relaxing Sunday, then I got caught up on work. I worked for a few hours then took an Epsom salt bath. I’ve got a pretty sore knee, which majorly bums me out, so I’m trying to nurse it back to health. I think the wine helped. 
I’m already having WAY too much fun shopping for my NIECE! My sister and her husband found out that they’re having a girl! I was going to throw them a gender reveal party, but they couldn’t wait to tell everyone, HA! I am SO SO SO excited. I can already tell we will be best friends. 
I want
ed to run today, but we will see how my knee feels. Everything else feels fine, so I’m hoping this heals quickly. I’m going to be working on my dissertation defense this week, so it’s off to work!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Happy Monday!

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