Massages + pizza night + the best memories <3

One of my besties, Katie, got me this towel for my birthday. She said it’s for my meal prepping. She just gets me.

This made me laugh WAY too hard. I saw it on Instagram yesterday and had to share it with you. Also, if you want ALL the feels, watch THIS video about a stray dog that started running with a man through the desert. It had me in tears!
I took yesterday off from running – not always an easy decision, but I think it was the right one. I had breakfast and then got started on computer work.
Coffee and an Epsom salt soak for a little break. Anyone else go to bed at night excited for their morning coffee? I sure do. Every night.
When you have a 90 minute massage on a Tuesday afternoon…you wear this sweatshirt.
Acacia Spa has the best relaxation room. Ever.
I could live in this robe.
My massage was incredible. I was starving when I finished, so I ran an errand then came home and had lunch. More tilapia with hummus, brown rice, peas, and broccoli.
I worked all afternoon then needed a snack. I was a little low on protein, so I mixed some protein powder with PB2 to have with my banana. Not the best, but it wasn’t terrible.
My afternoon treat! Mmmmm.
We had homemade pizza night last night!
My sister got this for Jake for Christmas. We FINALLY opened it last night. How cute is it??
Pizza with mushrooms, green peppers, jalapeños, hard salami, and feta cheese. I’m not a huge pizza sauce fan, so I just put olive oil, garlic, and basil as our sauce. It was delicious. I also made our favorite salad. Jake requests this salad almost every night. It makes me feel good that he likes it so much! I just make a dressing with EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and Sriracha. That’s it! But he acts like it’s the most sophisticated salad in the world. Getcha a man who does that.
Jake’s Dad made this dessert and sent some home with us. I don’t know what it is, but it’s delicious.
Obviously we didn’t like it at all…
Our neighbors have a little dog that Lu loves. They chase each other up and down our fence. Lu kept waiting for their dog to come outside last night. It’s so cute. I know she misses Aspen as much as we do. My heart still hurts when I think about Aspen, but her memories bring SO many smiles. Aspey sure was the best.
This is our favorite wine. If you haven’t had Bota Box, I HIGHLY recommend the RedVolution. It’s amazing.
This popped up on my Timehop today…it ALMOST makes me miss my long hair. Almost. 
Someone did not want to get up this morning. She wouldn’t get off the bed, so we had to leave for our run without making it. She knows I like to make the bed the second I get up…she just doesn’t care.
Jake and I ran 8 together and then I needed 1 more, so I took Lu with me. She was pretty jazzed. 
Morning runs = donezo! I felt much better today, so I was thankful for that. Jake’s hundred is next weekend, so he’s tapering until then. Check out his new awesome race hat – he wore it today for the first time and LOVED it. 
I have ALL of the computer work today. That’s about it!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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