Negative thoughts + recovery is SO important + my sister-in-law rocks!

Does it get much better than this? Coffee and puppy cuddles? NOPE. 
I woke up yesterday feeling pretty stiff. My IT Band had flared up, which I was NOT happy about. I tried to stop all negative thoughts. I seem to have a lot when injuries happen. I decided to put my run off until the afternoon because sometimes when this IT stuff happens, if I give me body time to move and warm-up, the stiffness resides. So, I had egg and veggie casserole and a waffle then started on some work for the day. 
I knocked out a little work and then got ready to go run. Lu was not happy about me leaving. 
I had planned to try and run as much as I could, but if my IT Band hurt at all, I would stop and walk. I had ZERO pain! I had a super easy 6 mile recovery mile and ran the whole time. It felt really good to get out and move. Also, awesome news for me – I didn’t have acid reflux after eating! I waited 3 hours to run, so I think that helped. 
Lunch was tilapia with hummus, brown rice, peas, and broccoli. 
These pumpkin muffins are SO good. 
After my run I soaked, stretched, and did a little arm workout. I have been putting this CBD oil on my knee. I used this when my hamstring was hurting and I really think it works. Jake swears by it, too. We get this cream at Lucky’s. 
I have never loved a yogurt as much as I love this one. YUMMM. 
Jake picked me up after work and we went to watch his sister’s, Chelsea #1, softball game. Here she is catching a pop fly! 
And batting! She played really well and we loved getting to watch her!
We had leftover spaghetti squash casserole and garlic toast for dinner.
Jake had already gotten into this treat, but I had my half last night. So good!
It’s even heart-shaped! 
I did some more stretching after dinner. Lu just wanted to play. 
Best day ever – I am getting a 90 minute massage today!!!! Jake’s parents are the BEST!!! They got me a gift certificate to my favorite spa. I cannot wait! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jeff and Penny!! <3 <3 

Then it’s presentation work the rest of the day! My knee is a little sore today, but not my IT Band anymore, soooo who knows. I might take the day off, just to see if it needs a little time to heal. Plus, I’m hoping my massage will help, too. I’ll do some stretching, abs, arms, and an Epsom salt bath!

Happy Tuesday!

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